The first week after hair transplantation


The first week after hair transplantation is the most critical and most important period. Natural Hair Turkey offers the most important instructions to follow this period.
Everyone begins to worry about the loss of newly implanted hair follicles when you lie down to sleep, when taking a bath or doing some daily activities, which makes the first week difficult and stressful as the first period is the most crucial period for the growth of the bulbs. Today is your guide to help you during the first week.


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First, our natural herbal experts advise Turkey to use painkillers if needed only (thanks to modern hair transplantation techniques, not everyone needs painkillers after hair transplantation)
To ensure the maintenance of the follicles and at the same time ensure the comfort of the person also advised to sleep on the back lying position so that the donor area (the back of the head) on the pillow, keeping the head slightly higher in one of the following two ways: can be used two pillows under the head or put a folded towel Under the neck and below the donor area before sleeping to raise the head (the sleep method will be explained by the medical staff after the operation).

Do not cover the area planted to ensure the safety of newly planted bulbs and take all precautions that there is no contact with any other body or surface. If a person needs to wear a hat or similar for any reason after the first week, it should be considered to take off immediately when returning and not to contact the cultivated area.

A very small percentage of modern hair transplanters may experience some dizziness because of local anesthesia. This is very natural but it is rare and not necessary for everyone to be affected by advanced techniques and modern technology that have swept the field of hair transplantation as well as the smooth hair transplant itself.
You should follow the doctor’s instructions in terms of the drugs associated with hair transplantation in order to accelerate the process of healing and prevent the occurrence of any symptoms that threaten or delay the success of the process such as inflammation ….


Headwashing is one of the most important steps to be taken after hair transplantation. Therefore, the medical staff’s instructions must be followed literally: washing the head with warm water without directing the water stream to the head directly.

Natural Hair Hospital Turkey provides a medical bag after hair transplantation, including hair balm, which is placed on the head and kept for 30 minutes and then removed once a day. You can watch the video of the laundry process on our YouTube channel at If you have any questions about this topic, Natural Hair Turkey will put the follow-up department on your side to answer all your questions and follow you step by step.

According to our experts there is no impediment to return to work after the third day of hair transplant only must be careful to keep the physical effort in the minimum and do not exhaust the self.
Redness and swelling disappear after approximately 3 days and the donor area returns to normal within a maximum of three weeks.

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