Chin Beautification

Chin Beautification Procedure

Chin Beautification is a cosmetic surgery aims to achieve consistency between the face elements, as in other cosmetic operations. With this procedure, you can eliminate the external defects in chin area and provide an appropriate appearance.


Conditions That Require Chin Beautification

  • If the chin is not in tune with the other elements of the face.
  • If the chin is larger or smaller than normal measurements of the face.
  • If the chin is too sharp which affects the person’s psychological condition.
  • If the chin is prominent or significantly reduced.
  • If the chin looks like a part of the neck.
  • If the upper front teeth appear while smiling more than usual.
  • If the upper and lower jaws are not matching while closing the mouth.
  • If erosion occurs in chin bones.

Some of these conditions, which allows to have Chin Beautification, can be easily noticed by the patient or their relatives. While some other conditions can only be noticed after doctor’s examination. Chin defect may cause some problems such as dry mouth, open mouth involuntarily, bad breath, gum diseases.

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Who Can Perform Chin Beautification?

This procedure is done by experienced doctors, the applied technique will be determined according to the structure of the patient’s face and his desire. Then, chin then stuffed properly, making it consistent and symmetrical.

Even if the main purpose of Chin Beautification is having an aesthetic appearance, it may help the patient to solve some problems that happens while chewing. Chin Beautification have benefits on the practical and aesthetic side, people who have their chin structure growth completed can do Chin Beautification after the doctor’s agreement. Patients should listen to the doctor’s instructions carefully, also the doctor should be sure if the patient who is having Chin Beautification does not have any health problems. Patients who are allergic to many external factors, pregnant or women who are breastfeeding are not recommended to have the procedure.

After Chin Beautification

The patient can stay for 1-3 nights at the hospital if the doctor sees it is necessary. Do not eat anything for the first six hours after operation. It is possible to notice some simple symptoms such as swelling or redness or pain in the chin area for a week. These symptoms will disappear by time and you can get rid of pain by the prescribed painkillers.

  • Patient should keep their head raised after the operation, even while sleeping or resting it is necessary to maintain this position to prevent swelling or bleeding.
  • In the first week after the operation, patients must consume liquid food, and if it is necessary, you can wash your mouth according to your doctor’s recommendation. After this period, you can consume normal food gradually.
  • Cleaning the mouth is so important, it is necessary to wash your mouth completely after the operation, especially after each meal.
  • Patients must use their biting plates, which is designed for each one individually. These biting plates keeps a space between the upper and lower jaw, and it prevent the jaw of doing any involuntary movements.
  • Do not exercise any heavy sport for three months after the operation, but you can exercise light sports.

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Procedure That Are Under Chin Beautification Filed

1 – Chin Filler: The chin is enlarged by fat injection, or other medical substances such as: collagen, hyaluronic acid, aquafilling. Which are used to fill the chin area.

In fat injection method, the fat is taken from hips or abdomen or under chin area. This procedure can be done under local anesthesia, and it takes 1.5-2 hours. Patients can go back home at the same day of operation.

Filling the chin with medical substances takes less than 15 minutes, under local anesthesia. After the operation, patient can leave at the same day and get back to normal life easily, if there is no reason to stay in the hospital. It is normal to notice a light redness and swelling after chin filler.

2 – Chin Tip Operation: Is a cosmetic surgery that aims to guarantee the harmony between nose, jaws, and mouth by placing a filler. The main condition for this procedure is that patient should not have any problems while closing their mouth or teeth aligning. The filler is inserted through a small incision under the mouth and jaw according to the patient’s needs and doctor’s examination. Anesthesia type is chosen according to the patient’s condition and doctor’s vision, it takes about one hour.

Patient does not need to stay at the hospital and can get back to normal life after 3-7 days. The jaw take its final shape after the third week.

3 – Chin Carving: Jaw carving is the most preferable operation, especially when the problem is related to the defects of chin’s bone due to an accident or since birth. It is usually done under general anesthesia, an incision in chin area is made inward. It also can be done by making an incision under the chin. The incision type, advantages and disadvantages are determined depending on doctor’s decision. The duration of the operation varies from a person to another but usually it takes about 1-3 hours. Patients’ can get back to their normal life after one month of the operation.

Most Common Questions

Any person who have aesthetic or functional problems can perform Chin Beautification, but the chin structure must have grown completely.
There are chin filler, chin carving, chin tip operation, and modifying the chin’s structure.
Depending on the operation type, the doctor will decide if he is going to use local or general anesthesia.
Usually it takes about 1-2 hours, the duration varies according to the operation’s size.
If there is a problem in occlusion while closing the mouth or gum is appearing too large, Chin Beautification can solve these problems.
As in many cosmetic operations, swelling or redness may occur but it is easy to handle them by medications and compresses.
You can go back to your normal life after one week of the operation, but in other operations, it may take one month.
Since the incision is made through the mouth, there will be no scar.
During the first week after the operation, you should consume liquid food only. Then you can start consuming normal food gradually.
During the first three month, you should never exercise any heavy sport, but you can exercise light sports as walking.

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