Face Fat Injection

Face Fat Injection Process in Turkey

By time, and with aging effect, the face appearance changes. This change might happen due to an accident or genetic factors. Losing the freshness of the face make people look older and tired. Many people do Face Fat Injection to eliminate these problems.

Face Fat Injection is a procedure to transfer excess fat from some parts of the body to the face. This fat is taken from the abdomen, buttocks, arms and legs, and there are different techniques for this process. Face Fat Injection is the safest and most natural procedure. This procedure is done in some parts of the face such as under eyes, cheeks, lips and chin, in order to eliminate sagging that occurred by time. Thanks to this procedure, it is possible to soften the face and reduce wrinkles. In addition, it is possible to remove the effects of wounds and the bags under eyes that many people complain about it. It is also possible to have PRP sessions beside this operation, to maintain the transferred fat for as much as possible.


When should Face Fat Injection Be Performed?

You can perform this procedure when:

  • If there are facial deformities for different reasons.
  • If there are etches in the face.
  • If the face lost its freshness.
  • If there is sagging in the face.

In addition, this procedure aims to:

  • Increase the size of lips and cheeks.
  • Eliminate the saggy skin in the face and get a vital and youthful appearance.
  • Eliminate the wrinkles around the eyes and mouth.
  • Eliminate the black spots under eyes.
  • To show the cheek bones.
  • Eliminate wounds or making it less visible if they are severe.
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Who Can Undergo Face Fat Injection?

People who have no health problems that may affect the results of operation. Even if there is no limit for age, it is important that bone and skin structure is completely grown. In addition, the doctor’s decision is important to confirm the patient’s capability for the operation.

During Face Fat Injection

This procedure contains two stages. At the first stage, fat is extracted from the donor area (abdomen, buttocks, arms, legs) through small channels. This fat should get purified from body fluids by different techniques, the second stage is injecting this fat in the targeted area. It takes about 30-60 minutes, during the operation, the used fat is the patient’s own fat. However, the doctor might use some fillings if it is necessary. This procedure is completely pain-free, with no incisions, so there is no stitches. Therefore, there are no scars in the treated area.

Since Face Fat Injection is a simple procedure compared with other cosmetic operations, it is like preparing for these operations. In addition, Face Fat Injection is a substitute for filling, but if necessary, it is possible to have fat injection and filling together.

Before Face Fat Injection

You should choose the surgeon and the hospital carefully. As with other cosmetic operations, you should check the results of the hospital. Since experience affect the success rate of the operation, it is preferable to choose hospitals that contains experienced doctors. Turkey is a center for cosmetic operations, since it has all other services such as medical tourism programs, and appropriate costs.

You should consider these points before the operation:

  • Stop using blood transfusions such as aspirin at least ten days before the operation.
  • Do not undergo the operation while losing weight.

After Face Fat Injection

Patients can go back to normal life after the operation directly. No bandages are used after the operation. Because of this operation, which have no risks or complications, people can have a youthful and vital appearance immediately.

Recovery period is too short, minor pain and sensitivity may occur in the first two days after the operation. This is completely normal and easy to control.

There are some points, which the patients should consider after the operation:

  • Avoid excessive physical activity for two days.
  • Do not enter a sauna or steam bath for a short period after the operation, because steam affects the treated area negatively.
  • Do not use makeup products for 5 days after the operation.
  • If the doctor decided, you can apply cold compresses on the treated area to prevent swelling.
  • You can massage the treated area after 5 days of the operation, in order to speed up the healing process.

It is possible to repeat Face Fat Injection after a specific period of the operation if it is necessary.

Most Common Questions

A procedure eliminates sagging occurred by time, by using the existing fat is the patient’s body.
It is possible to inject fat under the eyes, cheeks, lips, and chin.
This procedure gives the face a youthful and vital appearance.
No, it is not painful at all, and the recovery period is too short.
Usually, the surgeon uses local anesthesia for this procedure, but it can be done under general anesthesia if it is going to be performed with other operations.
During this procedure, no incision is made, and the injection happens by fine needles. Therefore, this operation does not leave any scars except the needles effect.
As with other fat injection operations, the body may absorb some of the injected fat. Therefore, it is not possible to reach the same condition before the operation.
Since the operation is performed by fine needles, there is no need for bandages.
Yes, it is possible to treat wounds by Face Fat Injection.
No, do not wear makeup for the first three days after the operation. But, it is possible to wear makeup after this period with the doctor’s confirmation.

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