Endodontics Surgery in Turkey

Dental Pulp is a science that deals with problems that occur in the surrounding tissue for the root, nerves, veins, and the connective tissue in the inner part of the tooth. These procedures in this field are known as root-canal treatment.

The root tissues may deteriorate and get infected due to untreated deep drills, recurrent teeth problems, or receiving a strong shock, and if left untreated, the tissue will become dead. The damaged root may lead to a swelling in the gum, and cause severe pain. This pain can spread out to face, nick, or head. Loss of bones may occur in the damaged root area. It is preferable to undergo one of the Endodontics operations in order to restore the tooth function, and in order to prevent these conditions, and eliminate defects and damages in tooth, especially damages that occur due to bacteria.


The Operations Included Under The Category Of Endodontics

Dental Pulp include these operations:

  • Root canal treatment.
  • Curing diseases that hits the pulp, and reserve them.
  • Repeat Endodontics.
  • Teeth whitening after Endodontics.
  • Damages occurred due to shocks.
  • Dental implants.
  • Implantation of artificial stent for jaw and face.
  • Diagnosing and treating the jaw’s diseases.
  • Extracting buried teeth.
  • Orthodontic installation.

In addition to these operations, dental pulp is generally used as another name of root canal treatment, this includes purifying roots from bacteria and re-shape them by an antiseptic material.

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Who Can Undergo Endodontics?

There is no specific age for Endodontics in Turkey. It can be done for treating the cleft palate for newborn babies, and to treat the teeth defects due to aging. This procedure can be done at any age, but the type of treatment varies depending on age.

Generally, these people need to undergo Endodontics after doing the necessary tests:

  • People who have sensitivity to heat or cold.
  • People whom their tooth color changed.
  • People who suffer pain during chewing and failing to chew completely.
  • The sudden tooth pain, especially at night.

In addition, the general health condition of the patient should be appropriate to undergo Endodontics in Turkey. This can be determined after running the different health tests by the doctor.

Selecting The Hospital And The Doctor

Regardless of the procedure’s type, the procedure’s success depends on the doctor’s experience, used materials, and the applied technique during the procedure. Therefore, selecting the hospital and the doctor is so important.

While selecting a doctor, you should check the patients’ reviews and the previous procedures he\she performed. Turkey is a center for cosmetic and medical operations, since it has all other services such as medical tourism programs, and appropriate costs. As with other cosmetic & medical operations, Turkey is a good replacement to undergo Endodontics, especially Istanbul it is full of successful hospitals and clinics which are especially experienced in Endodontics.

Before Endodontics

The most important stage for Endodontics in Turkey is the first examination, in this stage, the root’s condition will be determined. Before starting the procedure, there are some tests to undergo such as radiographic or pulse imaging, or root testing in order to determine the problem in the tooth.

Bacteria is the main factor behind pulp diseases, patients usually undergo the procedure due to bacteria accumulation around the root or if the tooth has experienced shocks before. This can be determined by the tests before the procedure.There are no specific things to do before the procedure, but patients need to stop eating and drinking at least an hour before the procedure.

During Endodontics

This procedure is done under local anesthesia, it is important to have the doctor able to work comfortably and do nothing the patient can feel during the procedure, which affect it negatively. The duration of the procedure depends on the applied technique and the procedure’s size.

The oral cavity is sterilized before starting the procedure. And then, the damaged nerve tissues, veins, and damaged cells are removed from the root’s canal, and tissues are collected individually. The root canal is sterilized by an antiseptic solution. The cleaning stage should be finished carefully in order to prevent the damage again. After cleaning, the resulting cavity is filled with a medical material that is largely compatible with tissues. This material is usually Gutta Percha, it is a flexible material made of rubber and fits the filled space due to its ease of formation.

After Endodontics

After the procedure of Endodontics in Turkey, the artificial teeth does the functions of the other teeth in the mouth.

Sensitivity and pain may occur while pressing the tooth in the treated area for a couple of days. If pain occurs, it is easy to control it by painkillers.

There are some things to consider after the procedure:

  • You should avoid sugary foods and drinks after the procedure. Because bacteria can use the sugar in these foods in order to produce acids, these acids damages teeth.
  • Do not eat for a couple of hours after the procedure. Do not eat solid foods. This can affect the recovery process by damaging teeth. Thence, you should consume easy-digesting foods such as yogurt, eggs, and fish.
  • It is so important to guarantee the teeth and mouth’s hygiene, in order to maintain the results for the longest possible period.

The doctor may recommend some special things depending on the patient’s condition.

Most Common Questions

Root canal treatment, curing diseases that hits the pulp, and reserve them, repeat Endodontics, teeth whitening after Endodontics, damages occurred due to shocks, dental implants, implantation of artificial stent for jaw and face, diagnosing and treating the jaw’s diseases, extracting buried teeth, and orthodontic installation.
Sensitivity of heat and cold, tooth color changing, sudden teeth pain, and discomfort while chewing.
The root canal is treated in order to get rid of teeth pain. The new techniques allows patients to undergo this procedure without pain.
This procedure can be performed on anybody at any age, after the doctor agrees.
It can last for a lifetime, if the patient provided the proper care for their teeth.
This procedure does not harm teeth, it cleans the damaged nerves and gives back the teeth’s function.
If the infected canals did not receive treatment, the infection may spread out to other parts of the body and this can threaten the patient’s life.
Unless your doctor recommends otherwise, you can brush your teeth regularly.
Regardless of there is no rule about this, it is not recommended to smoke after the procedure. The recovery process for non-smokers is shorter than the recovery process for smokers.
After the prescribed period, you can eat the easy digesting foods.

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