The cost of Hair transplantation in Turkey

Turkey deserves its international rank in Hair Transplant depending on the success rate of this procedure in it. Thanks to this advantage in Turkey, many people from around the globe come to Turkey for medical tourism generally and Hair Transplant especially, and this number increases every year. In addition to get the appearance they desire, people who come here for Hair Transplant get all other medical tourism services while they are staying in Turkey.

Let us have a look on all details and information related to Hair Transplant in Turkey, which is done with a high success rate.

Hair Transplant In Turkey, Less Costs And Higher Quality

The cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey is much less than other countries in the world. The cost in Turkey is between 1000-2500 Euros. On the other side, the cost of Hair Transplant in Europe, America and Canada is between 5000-15000 Dollars.

The low cost is one of the reasons that make many patients prefer Turkey. Moreover, there are a lot of offers and discounts, which makes the cost of Hair Transplant so appropriate.

The cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey is not determined according to the grafts number. Because determining the cost according to the grafts number is not a professional way and it serves an advertising purpose. Therefore, the cost in Turkey is determined according to the applied technique, and the number of grafts is determined according to the patient’s needs and desires.

In addition to the appropriate costs of Hair Transplant, the standards set by the ministry of health contributed in the high quality of the procedure. These quality standards set by the ministry of health made it impossible to have such quality at any other clinic, which contributed in having high quality clinics and hospitals made patients leave Turkey while they are very happy.

Hair Transplant In Turkey, Less Costs And Higher Success Rate

The comparison between Turkey and other countries in costs is an advantage for Turkey, these are the other reasons behind this success:

  • People who work in this industry are highly experienced, because they perform 5000 procedures a week, most of these patients are coming from outside the country.
  • The high number of people specialized in Hair Transplant reduces the cost of the procedure.
  • In many countries, the number of grafts is limited, the maximum number of grafts they reach is 4000 grafts, but in Turkey, this number may reach 8000 grafts, which gives natural results.
  • The services of medical tourism has evolved a lot recently, there is no need to pay for transportations, accommodation or any other services.
  • It is possible to finish the whole Hair Transplant procedure (Examination, Procedure, Washing, and Final examination) in 3-4 days.

In addition, professional people should apply the techniques of Hair Transplant. Hair Transplant experts in Turkey have enough experience to perform the procedure with its different techniques, these experts became so professional because they have performed many procedures.

Moreover, Hair Transplant training is provided in Turkey, through this training, the trainer can become a professional in this field.

How The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Turkey Is Determined?

As we mentioned before, the cost of Hair Transplant in Turkey is not determined depending on the number of grafts. Moreover, the number of sessions is one of the factors that affect the cost of the procedure. More sessions means higher cost. The normal hair loss can be treated with one session, but severe hair loss needs more than one session.

The applied technique in Hair Transplant is also important to determine the cost. Different techniques, different tools, the difference of grafts number leads to different costs. In addition, the doctor and medical staff experience affects the cost of the procedure.

While planning for Hair Transplant, make sure of the other services you will get beside the procedure.

What Does The Cost Of Hair Transplant In Turkey Includes?

The best services of Hair Transplant and medical tourism are provided to all patients coming from around the globe to Turkey, these services include accommodation, transportations, and translation.

The details of the treatment package are:

  • Transportations from the airport to the hotel and from the hotel to the airport by private cars.
  • Accommodation at 4 or 5 stars hotels that include breakfast.
  • Transportations from the hotel to the hospital and from the hospital to the hotel with private cars.
  • A private medical consultant.
  • Translation service and airport reception.
  • Doctor’s examination before Hair Transplant.
  • Hair Transplant procedure.
  • Doctor’s examination after Hair Transplant.
  • The first wash after the procedure.
  • Following up with procedures and their results and providing support and consultation.

No extra fees are required except the basic fees, in case of asking for extra service, it is possible to ask for extra fees.

The accommodation, transportations, and translation services are planned before the patient arrives to the country.

The patient pays around one third of the cost he was going to pay at his country. In Turkey, the country with the great reputation in this field, the patient can enjoy tourism and all medical tourism services beside the low cost of the procedure.

Most Common Questions

No, Hair Transplant in Turkey costs around 1000-2500 Euros, this cost is very appropriate. Therefore, it is one of the advantages that makes many people from around the globe select Turkey.
Many medical tourism services are provided, such as translation, transportations, and accommodation.
Because of the large number of specialists in Hair Transplant field that helped Turkey to reduce the costs.
Yes, the low costs do not affect the results. Low costs and high success rate attract many people to come to Turkey.
Yes, when we consider the experiences and successes Turkey made in this field, which made it in the top list of countries in Hair Transplant, we can consider Turkey one of the safest countries for Hair transplant.


  • Yusuf Ahmed

    18 November 2019 - 02:26

    I’m interested in hair transplant in Turkey. If I have more information about the hair transplant.

    • Natural Hair Turkey

      24 November 2019 - 12:31

      Hello sir,
      You can contact us on WatsApp through this number:
      Our medical consultant will contact you and provide you all the details you need.
      Have a nice day.

  • Zia

    31 January 2020 - 05:34

    The package you are offering is encloding visa and tickets as well.And how many days stay in Turkey.

    • Natural Hair Turkey

      3 February 2020 - 11:08

      Hello Zia,

      Hello Evan,

      Thanks for choosing Natural Hair Turkey.

      The package we’re offering includes 3 days of accommodation in a 5-star hotel in İstanbul, VIP transfer, and private translator. The other expenses are borne by you. For further information please feel free to contact us by the number +90 531 546 10 05.

      Have a nice day.

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