How to Choose a Hair Transplant Clinic and Hair Transplant Surgeon?

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The procedure of hair transplant provides an efficient and permanent treatment for a lot of people who are suffering from hair fall and alopecia. The choice of the hair transplant clinic is so important in order to get excellent results

So how the choice should be done?

Ask the important questions:

Like any other procedure, the success of hair transplant is related to the choice of the hair transplant center and the expert of hair transplant. You can get the results that exceed your expectations with experimented and confident doctors and through health centers which take in account the international standards in hygiene. For this reason, when you are searching the best clinic and surgeon, you should not hesitate to ask about every detail of the operation.

Before undergoing the operation of hair transplant which change your whole look, you can start by searching on the center of hair transplant and the surgeon by asking these questions:

  • Does the hair transplant clinic provide me with free analysis and free consultation?
  • How long does it take the operation in hair transplant clinic, and how many sessions?
  • What is the level of patients’ satisfaction with the hair transplant clinic?
  • Is there a postoperative follow-up in the hair transplant clinic?

I will come from another city or another country:

  • Does the hair transplant clinic offer a free transportation service?
  • Does the hair transplant clinic provide the accommodation?
  • Does it provide translators once I reach Turkey?

About the hair transplant specialist:

  • What do I know about the expertise of a hair transplant specialist?
  • What is the level of success achieved by hair transplant specialists, and does this level meet my expectations?
  • What are the comments of patients who have had hair transplant with this specialist?

All these questions will help you during the choice and the search process. Moreover, preparing questions according your needs and desires will help you in forming a clear view of the expected results of the operation.

Besides these questions, do not forget to ask pictures of previous customers who did the hair transplant in the chosen clinic.

The experience of the surgeon is important in this field.

It is important to decide the appropriate hair transplant technique (FUE, DHI or Robotic) for you. At this stage, the choice of the specialist is extremely important.

All the hair transplant techniques should be done by experienced surgeons; this is a prerequisite to achieve the expected successful results. The operation should be performed by experienced medical team because the hair transplant will be done according to the personal characteristics of the patient.

This is why a detailed search about an experienced specialist is not a waste of time. Please note that the failure of the hair transplant will be a waste of your timeoiu.

Do not ignore the reputation of the Hair Transplant Clinic on social media.

Social media, which give the opportunity to receive news, research and discoveries, provide important information about the hair transplant specialist, health center and the services they provide. Do not forget to check the accounts on social media of the chosen clinic of hair transplant to get detailed and recent information, Before and After pictures and patients’ reviews.

Social media accounts will help you to choose, especially if you are a patient coming from abroad and you cannot communicate with the hair transplant centers directly. At this stage, it is also important to contact the hair transplant centers through social media accounts or through chat applications. The contact with the center should be easy and available with multiple languages.

Costs should not be the only factor to consider in the choice of the Hair Transplant Center.

Hair transplant costs vary depending on the city, country, technique used, hair transplant center, and the specialist.

Although the budget allocated by a person who wishes to perform a hair transplant is influential in choosing a hair transplant center, price should not be the only determining factor, to get natural and healthy result.

All factors such as costs, technology used, specialist experience and expected success rate should be taken into consideration when selecting. Consequently, linking high or low costs to the success rate of the process is wrong.

Frequently Asked Questions

Hair transplantation is a procedure that must be performed in a healthy environment with modern equipment and by an experienced specialist. Therefore, hair transplantation, whose success depends on these conditions, must be carried out in a health center that meets all these requirements.
Hair transplant specialist is the most important factor affecting the success of the process from beginning to end. In addition to the importance of physical and technological conditions, all these tools should be used by an experienced specialist. Hair transplant specialist determines the fate of the process in several stages, from the design of the hairline, the determination of the method of hair transplantation, the procedure, to the after-care tips of the process. Therefore, the choice of experts is of great importance in the process of hair transplantation.
When choosing a hair transplant center, it is important to ensure that it can fully meet your requests and needs. Hair transplantation should be prioritized for hygiene and specialist experience. Make sure you choose a health center that provides support before, during and after the procedure.
The hair transplant specialist must be experienced in his field and have performed many operations with high success rate, and also prioritizes the wishes and needs of the patient. Considering the comments of previous patients of this specialist and their satisfaction rate, and pictures before / after the operation, will provide you with a clear view about the specialist.
Patients coming from abroad should conduct research on the location and experience of the Center in the field of hair transplantation, the level of satisfaction of previous patients and the services provided by the clinic. Priority should be given to hair transplant centers that provide transportation, translation and accommodation services. Easily contacting the health center before and after leaving Turkey is an important consideration.


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