Dr. Tarık Pak


Dr. Tarık Pak has specialties in Hair Loss Treatment and Disorders of Hair Growth with nine years of practice experience. As a patient-focused and disciplined doctor, Dr. Tarık Pak has a strong background in working with all members of the medical team to improve patient health.

The certificates he holds as follows:

  • Primary Care Physician Certificate
  • Emergency Physician Certificate
  • Cosmetic Plastic Surgery Certificate

Istanbul University Cerrahpasa Medical Faculty


Samsun Anadolu High School


  • Hair Transplant
  • Hair Loss Treatment
  • Hair Restoration
  • Beard Transplant
  • Mustache Transplant
  • Eyebrow Transplant

2015 – …

Natural Hair Turkey Hospital

2009 – 2015

Primary Care Physician in Istanbul Bayrampasa Community Clinic

2007 – 2009

Emergency Physician in Rize Guneysu State Hospital