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Hair Transplant Before & After – Results

As an effective treatment for severe hair loss, hair transplantation is serving permanent, natural solutions to patients suffering from baldness, at the level of which the other hair loss treatments can’t reach. That’s why the operation creates a huge gap between hair transplant before and after photos. Here are some hair transplant before and after photos of actual patients who has undergone the operation in Natural Hair Turkey.



Scar    +
L. Anesthesia    +    +    +      +
Density    +    +    +      +
Incision    +    +
Stripe    +
Shave    +    +
Less Pain    +    +       +
Punch    +    +       +
Permanent    +    +    +       +

Further Results

The newly transplanted hair looks and behaves like natural hair on the scalp; continues to grow and gains the same characteristics of the original hair. Thus, the new hair can be washed, cut and treated like natural hair. With proper aftercare, these results last for life.
We comprehend that you desire natural-looking and permanent results; we know your expectations from a hair transplant.