Breast Enlargement without Surgery

Breast Enlargement without Surgery

Some changes may occur in the size and the shape of the breast or some sagging may occur also due to many reasons such as weight loss or gain and aging, there might be some defects since birth. Breast Enlargement without Surgery is a perfect solution to eliminate these problems that causes less self-confidence.Breast Enlargement without Surgery is done by injecting a material called Aquafilling, this material is made by forming the water crystals in the shape of hydraulic gel that corresponds with human tissues and it is 98% water.

Since this material has a high rate of corresponding with human tissues, it is considered a very safe material. It provides elasticity and size for soft tissues for a long time. Aquafilling can be used to re-shape the buttocks, legs, and breast enlargement.All operations that uses Aquafilling are non-surgical. Therefore, it is faster to perform than other cosmetic operations.


The Advantages of Breast Enlargement without Surgery

Aquafilling makes the treated area look so natural. While touching the breast after the operation, the texture will be natural like it was before. In addition, this material does not move in its place and does not disintegrate or harm tissues. Moreover, it does not affect the milk channels and the nipples negatively.

In addition to providing a natural texture and appearance, Breast Enlargement without Surgery is the most preferred operation for many patients, because it corresponds with tissues and does not harm them, and there is no incision in this operation. The results of this operation lasts for a long time and it is possible to repeat it if necessary. Breast Enlargement without Surgery is a low cost operation.

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Who Can Undergo Breast Enlargement without Surgery?

People who do not have infections or major defect in the treated area can undergo Breast Enlargement without Surgery, after the doctor’s confirmation.

Selecting the Doctor and the Hospital

People who wants to undergo Breast Enlargement without Surgery should select the doctor and the hospital really well. While selecting a cosmetic hospital, you should check their results. Since experience affects the success rate of the operation, it is preferable to select the hospitals that contains experienced doctors. In this field, Turkey is a center for cosmetic operation, since it has all the other services such as medical tourism programs and appropriate costs. Istanbul especially is full of successful cosmetic hospitals.

Before Breast Enlargement without Surgery

The doctor should make an interview with the patient before the operation. In this interview, the doctor should inform the patient about the expected results, and the patient should inform the doctor about her expectations clearly.

This operation does not need so much preparing, because it is simpler than other breast enlargement procedures. The doctor determines the areas to be treated then starts the operation.

During Breast Enlargement without Surgery

This operation is done under local anesthesia. The duration varies from patient to another, usually it is between 15 minutes to one hour. During the operation, a needle with 0.5-1 mm is used and the Aquafilling is injected by these needles. These needles are not painful and the results are so good after it.

Which Conditions Can Breast Enlargement without Surgery Be Done?

Usually, this operation is done in these conditions:

  • Enlarging the breast for a degree or two.
  • Eliminate the minor sagging.
  • Correcting the asymmetric breasts.
  • Enlarging and lifting the breast when the patient does not want to undergo a surgery.

After Breast Enlargement without Surgery

The recovery period after the operation is short and needs no effort. The patient can leave the hospital in 2-3 hours, and can go back to their daily life.

There are some points to consider after the operation:

  • There might be a feeling that breast is heavy. It is normal and may take one week. At this stage, the patient should be informed about this.
  • If the doctor recommends it, you should wear a medical corset for the prescribed period.
  • Do not exercise heavy sports during the first week after the operation, especially weight lifting.

You will notice the final shape of the breast in one week after the operation, but the results lasts for 5-8 years. It is possible to repeat the operation after the doctor’s confirmation.

Most Common Questions

It is possible to enlarge the breast without surgery by injecting a material called Aquafilling, which is water and correspond with the body.
Aquafilling is a material made up of a large proportion of water, therefore it is fully compatible with human tissues. Aquafilling is known as the safest filling material in the world because it does not harm the milk channels and the nipples.
No, it is not painful because no incision is made during it, and the injection is done by a very fine needle, and it is done under local anesthesia. In addition, the recovery period is too short.
It takes between 15 minutes to one hour, although it may vary depending on the injected amount of Aquafilling.
This operation is done under local anesthesia because it is not a surgical operation.
No, since this operation is not surgical and it is done by injecting the Aquafilling by a needle with 0.5-1 mm diameter. Therefore, there are no incisions.
You can go back to normal life immediately after the operation.
The duration varies between patient to another, but on average, the results lasts between 5-8 years.
When Aquafilling loses its effect due to body absorption, the breast goes back to its previous condition. However, no sagging will occur in the breast.
No, this operation is not an obstacle for pregnancy or breastfeeding.