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Things to Know about Hair Transplant in Turkey: Procedure, Result & Aftercare

Turkey has achieved a significant progress in Hair Transplant for years. The experience of Hair Transplant, appropriate costs, VIP transportations, fancy hotels, and touristic spots, made Turkey on the top list for people who are thinking to have a Hair Transplant in the world. Many clinics in Turkey are performing Hair Transplant successfully with a high satisfaction rate, especially in Istanbul.


Hair Transplant in Turkey

The procedure can be described by moving the healthy hair follicles in the donor area to the baldness area. Hair Transplant, which is the most undergoing cosmetic procedure by men, is available for everyone who wants to have a natural and healthy appearance regardless of gender.

Turkey is on the top list countries for Hair Transplant, because it provides patients comfort during and after the procedure.

Turkey’s Development in Hair Transplantation Field

The Turkish Ministry of Health supports Hair Transplantation clinics in the whole republic. Moreover, these clinics are regularly supervised, in order to keep quality at its highest level.

Many Hair Transplantation clinics have certificates from the Joint Commission International (JCI) and the International Society for Hair Transplantation (ISHRS), in order to guarantee performing the procedures according to the international standards. Which increases people’s trust to undergo this procedure.

Why Should I Undergo Hair Transplant in Turkey?

While checking medical reports, many people in Turkey suffer baldness. Which made patients and people who are working in the medical field search for solutions for this problem.

Hair Transplant is the permanent solution for hair loss. So many Hair Transplant procedures have been performed in Turkey, this increase in the number of procedures created an opened and positive competition between clinics. In this way, the quality service improved not only for citizens, but also for foreigners, Turkey has become a medical center and the most preferred due to many reasons.

Hair Transplant Experiment

The most important reason behind making Turkey the perfect place for Hair Transplant as we mentioned before, is that many successful and experienced doctors in successful clinics do this procedure. According to the reports from the clinics in the last years, 150-500 Hair Transplant operations are performed every week, most of these operations are for people who came from other countries. This number is very high compared with other countries for Hair Transplant. The number of operations progresses proportionally to Hair Transplant experience and it increases the success rate of the operations.

Great Results And Satisfied Patients

The successful Hair Transplant experiment in Turkey makes people’s appearance very natural. In Hair Transplant procedure, the natural appearance is the most important issue, as with other cosmetic operations. In Turkey, Hair Transplant is done according to the patient’s face properties, which makes the results natural. During the procedure, hair is transplanted in a high density in order to get a natural appearance. The average number of grafts in the world is 4000 grafts, but in Turkey, it is 8000 grafts. Hair density, the correct angle, and the good technique are necessary conditions for the natural appearance. This is how the patients go back to their countries after undergoing Hair Transplant in Turkey, this makes the patient’s satisfaction about the results they have in Turkey at its highest level.

The Advantage Of Hair Transplant Costs In Turkey

According to the success rate and the number of procedures, Turkey is on the top list countries for Hair Transplant with a lower budget than other countries.

According to the prices in the US or European countries, people who wants to undergo Hair Transplant need to spend about 25000 USD. This price is about 150000 Turkish Lira, but in Turkey, the cost of the procedure is about 600-2000 USD. When you calculate this price in Turkish Lira, it is about 4000-15000 Turkish Lira. For this reason, this gap is an advantage to undergo the procedure in Turkey.

Turkey is the best option for people who wants to undergo Hair Transplant with no high costs. The reason behind the low cost for the procedure in Turkey is the high number of operations and the experts who perform it. For this reason, more than 6000 people undergo the procedure every year in Turkey. These people can be references for whoever wants to undergo the procedure in Turkey.

Medical Tourism Possibilities

There are more than 350 clinics for Hair Transplant. Most of these clinics are located in the main cities in Turkey. This country is full of unlimited touristic resources, it provides people who want to undergo the procedure a lot of opportunities to spend a nice holiday in great touristic places, beside meeting new cultures in addition to undergoing the procedure successfully.

Many Hair Transplant clinics in Turkey provide services for their clients such as accommodation, and VIP transportations. Clients who are coming from outside Turkey are welcomed in the airport, and then transferred to the hotels reserved by the clinics beside the translation service. These services decrease the difficulties for tourists, in order to maintain the morale for patients before the procedure. In fact, this is an opportunity to spend a holiday in Turkey besides undergoing the procedure. Therefore, there is no need to travel twice for different purposes.

People who are coming to undergo Hair Transplant and does not want to buy the full-package services can plan for the trip by themselves. You can see the integration of different cultures in Turkey, which has embraced many civilizations throughout history, especially Ottoman historical buildings, beaches, physiotherapy opportunities and shopping due to the availability of all local and international brands.

Turkey’s strategic location in Europe and Asia provides the ease of travel for people. One of the advantages is the low prices for flights. The same thing for accommodation. Turkey, which has the resources of historical tourism, provides great times besides undergoing Hair Transplant procedure.

Realizing The Patient’s Desires And Needs

These clinics provide different opportunities every day for patients who are coming from all around the globe, by different techniques and thousands of Hair Transplant procedures. Patients get information in details by communicating with them. Thanks to this multi-lingual network, each patient will get information and services about Hair Transplant by their mother tongue, which helps to deliver information easily and accurately.

We can summarize the advantages of Hair Transplant in Turkey by:

  • Turkey is on the top list countries for Hair Transplant procedure numbers.
  • Experts who perform the procedure are highly experienced because they perform 150-500 operations every week.
  • The results are guaranteed due to the experts who perform the procedure and the correct techniques.
  • According to patients’ reviews on the results, the success rate of Hair Transplant in Turkey is very high.
  • The costs in Turkey are cheaper than other countries.
  • It has many medical tourism chances.
  • The services package that contains transportations, and accommodation, which gives patients’ an opportunity to spend a holiday besides the procedure.
  • Clinics that perform Hair Transplant in Turkey provides multi-lingual communication in order to give patients’ all the information they need about the procedure.

Who Can Undergo Hair Transplant in Turkey?

Before undergoing Hair Transplant in Turkey, it is important to have a clear idea about if you are suitable for the procedure. Hair Transplant is a medical procedure, but it is simpler than other cosmetic procedures. It is also important to have information about Hair Transplant before the procedure in order to expect realistic results.

Generally, both men and women should have these properties in order to undergo Hair Transplant:

  • There should be no health problem that might prevent the procedure.
  • The patient should have suffered hair loss in different degrees, not only for genetic reasons, but also from accidents.
  • The patient should have tried to cure hair loss in many ways but all failed.

The clinics and hospitals in the Turkish Republic provides a chance to eliminate severe hair loss, due to their ability to implant the largest number of grafts. In addition, hair loss reasons are important factors to determine if the patient is suitable for the procedure.

People who suffer these types of hair loss are suitable to undergo the procedure in Turkey:

  • Male Hair Loss: This type of hair loss occurs due to genetic reasons. It is possible to notice this type of hair loss in 50% of men and 20% of women. In male hair loss, hair loss does not occur suddenly with high density. By time, hair becomes weak and loses its density. At this stage, men realizes they are suffering hair loss. Usually, hair falls from the top and loses its density in the backside.
  • Female Hair Loss: Hair loss may occur in men and women due to many reasons. Female hair loss leads to less hair loss than male hair loss. In fact, female hair loss does not cause baldness. However, during childbirth, menopause, or when hormonal changes occur, it is possible to notice the decreased density clearly, especially in the top part of the head. Unlike male hair loss, where the front hairline disappears. There is no sudden hair loss in this type, patients realize the hair loss after a specific period.
  • Thyroid Hair Loss: This type of hair loss occurs due to a decrease in the normal levels of thyroid. It is possible to cure this type of hair loss by curing the thyroid, but Hair Transplant is the only solution in case of permanent hair loss.
  • Alopecia Hair Loss: This type of hair loss is not like male hair loss, it occurs suddenly. In this type of hair loss, empty spaces with different diameters occurs in the head. This type occurs with a high percentage between people. It also occurs in the beard.
  • Hair Loss Due Loss Of Vitamins: It might be not possible to eliminate hair loss that occurs due to loss of Zinc, Biotin, B12 Vitamin, D Vitamin, Folic Acid, by compensating this lack of vitamins only, it needs to undergo Hair Transplant.
  • Hair Loss Due An Accident: This type of hair loss occurs due to an accident such as burn, injury, or a wound, and it is possible to cure this hair loss with Hair Transplant.

Beside these reasons, some diseases such as high blood pressure, high cholesterol, contraceptives, childbirth, hormonal medications, mental disorders medications, vitamin A supplements, can cause hair loss. In addition, stress can cause severe hair loss.

As we mentioned before, hair loss reasons may vary. At this stage, it is important to get an examination by a doctor in order to get the suitable treatment.

Hair Transplant Stages

When you select Turkey for Hair Transplant, the procedure’s program is done according to international standards medical tourism programs.

After communicating with the clinic, the procedure’s date will be determined and according to it patients’ will come to Turkey.

The procedure’s stages are:

1. Day – Prepare yourself for the procedure.: The patient will be transferred by clinic’s transportations from the airport to the hospital for undergoing the examination first. The patient will meet his medical consultant and translator, and then transferred to the hotel. The first day is about preparing for the procedure.

2. Day – Procedure’s day: After the examination in the first day, the clinic’s transportation will transfer the patient to the hospital. After having a discussion with the consultant, the procedure starts and takes about 5-6 hours depending on the number of grafts, the procedure might be on two sessions.

3. Day – Resting Day: If there is no second session for the procedure, this is resting day. Patients’ have an opportunity to visit many touristic places, especially if they underwent the procedure in Istanbul. They can enjoy as much as they want.

4. Day – First Wash:  In washing day, the patient will come to the hospital and undergo washing by health care experts. Patients’ can go back to their countries the day after washing or can proceed their treatment trip.

Hair Transplant Techniques

Since 1950s, when Hair Transplant techniques started to evolve, many techniques appeared. Now in Turkey, advanced techniques are used depending on the patient’s needs and desires.

FUT (Follicular Unit Transfer): In FUT technique, small incisions are made in the scalp, grafts are extracted from the skin rich in roots with appropriate diameters, and then transferred to the targeted area. With this technique, it is possible to implant 60 grafts in each square cm, which is a high percentage. After this procedure, surgical stitches are made in the head, and these stitches are removed after 2-7 days of the procedure.

80% of the implanted hair with FUT technique, which has a high success rate, grows permanently on the skin.

What Are The Advantages Of FUT Technique?

  • It is possible to have a high density Hair Transplant with one session.
  • It can succeed in a short time.
  • Low budget required compared with other techniques.
  • As with hair, it is possible to use this technique for beard, mustache, and eyebrow transplant.

FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction): This technique saw the light at the beginning of 2000. With this technique, the strong grafts are collected individually from the donor area, and then implanted in the targeted area with a small device. There is no harm to the nearby grafts. FUE technique, which is more advance technique than FUT, provides an easy Hair Transplant experience, which makes it a very good technique. Therefore, the number of procedures performed with this technique in the world is very high. Depending on the patient’s desire, it is possible to perform Hair Transplant with FUE and DHI technique together.

What Are The Advantages Of FUE Technique?

  • It can be done easier and faster than other Hair Transplant techniques.
  • The donor area can recover within 24-48 hours.
  • If the backside of the head is the donor area, the grafts extracted from this area can be used in Beard, Mustache, and Eyebrow Transplant.
  • There is no incision in the head.
  • There are no stitches because there are no incisions, which allows a faster recovery process.
  • Pain is minor in this technique.

Sapphire FUE: This technique can be an extension for FUE technique. In this technique, instead of using metal tools for the extraction, the grafts are collected with sapphire tools.

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation): It is the newest technique for Hair Transplant, and many people prefer it. The procedure is done with a tool called Choi Pen, the diameter of Choi Pen is between 0.6-1.0 mm.

Before starting Hair Transplant with Choi Pen, grafts are collected from the donor area and the correct angle is determined to transfer the root. And then, grafts are inserted in a circular motion in the scalp by Choi Pen.

What Are The Advantages Of DHI Technique?

  • Unlike other Hair Transplant techniques, there are no incisions in the donor area.
  • Since there are no incisions, there are no stitches or a scar in the scalp.
  • The extracted grafts are implanted in a very short period, which allows them to maintain their vitality. And it gives a natural appearing results.
  • This technique allows you to implant a large number of grafts. It is possible to have dense hair with this technique.
  • It is possible to give the roots a natural angle with DHI technique.
  • There is no need to shave before the procedure.
  • Since there are no incisions or stitches, the recovery period is shorter than other techniques.
  • There is no interference with nearby grafts.

Robotic DHI: Since the sensors in the robot can determine grafts and their drifts, the strongest grafts are collected with an error ratio close to zero. The robot is responsible about collecting the grafts and opening channels, and does the transplantation with a high density. Depending on the patient’s pictures, the robot decides which part of the head will get the transplantation  and the required density. This technique takes about 7-8 hours.

Even if robots do the procedure, it must be with expert doctors.

What Are The Advantages Of Robotic DHI Technique?

  • While collecting the grafts, there is no damage to the nearby follicles.
  • Robotic DHI is a perfect solution for people who are suffering severe hair loss in the front of the head.
  • The direction of hair growth depends completely on the person performing the procedure, when having a Hair Transplant by a robot, the error ratio is close to zero.
  • Compared with other techniques, the recovery process is faster.
  • In this technique, the 3D imaging provides an idea about the expected results. This process helps to design a Hair Transplant that fits the patient’s face.
  • The resulting appearance is very natural. Thanks to the robot, the results are much better.

Process of Hair Transplant In Turkey

Hair Transplant procedure in Turkey can be listed in three stages, before Hair Transplant, during Hair Transplant, and after Hair Transplant, we will talk about what you should do at these stages:

What To Do Before Hair Transplant?

Each stage of Hair Transplant is important to achieve a successful, natural, and healthy result. You should do the following before the procedure:

  • Stop using herbal supplements, blood transfusions such as Aspirin at least one week before the procedure in order to avoid the risk of bleeding during the procedure.
  • If you have any allergy towards any material, you should inform your doctor.
  • Before the procedure, you should clean the targeted area and do not use any material on it (hair spray, hair cream, etc.)
  • Stop smoking and drinking alcohol one week at least before the procedure.
  • Stop drinking caffeine-containing beverages.
  • At the procedure’s day, it is preferable to wear wide clothes, which are easy to take off or wear.
  • Avoid heavy meals before the procedure.

Beside all these advices, your doctor will provide you with specific information.

What To Do During Hair Transplant?

During Hair Transplant, the patient will pass these stages:

  • The patient will have an interview with the doctor. At this interview, the doctor will give information about the procedure, its stages, and expected results.
  • The expert who is going to perform the procedure will clean the targeted area.
  • The head is anesthetized with local anesthesia in order to give the patient a comfortable procedure.
  • Depending on the applied technique, collecting grafts starts.
  • The doctor will open small channels in the targeted area.
  • Depending on the applied technique, the grafts are processed for implanting.
  • The grafts are placed in the scalp depending on the applied technique.

What To Do After Hair Transplant?

  • The targeted area is very sensitive after the procedure and must be protected during the first two weeks.
  • You should wear wide clothes.
  • Do not expose your head for the sun during the first two weeks after the procedure. The sun affects the grafts negatively during recovery process, you should wear hats and use protective creams.
  • Do not use chemical care products.
  • If you want shorten your hair during first six months after the procedure, you should not use the razor, use scissors instead of it.
  • You should sleep in a way that cannot damage the new hair, place the pillow in a way that cannot apply pressure on the targeted area.
  • Stop drinking alcohol in order to prevent the risk of bleeding.
  • Do not use blood transfusions.
  • It is important to keep the scalp moist. In addition, if you want to use a supportive product, you should consult the doctor first.
  • Use your prescribed medications after the procedure regularly.
  • Do not exercise heavy sports in the first couple of weeks after the procedure. You can exercise light activities such as walking for long distances.
  • Do not wash your head for two days after the procedure. The doctor will do the first wash. In addition, avoid using hot or cold water.
  • It is important to use the prescribed shampoo during hair wash. Especially during the first three weeks, do not wash your hair with any other material.
  • Do not use hair dryer before reaching full recovery.
  • It is very important to keep the targeted area clean. In order to avoid infection in this area, you should avoid dust.
  • Avoid sweating in order to achieve healthy progress after Hair Transplant. Therefore, avoid activities and places that may cause sweating such as sauna.
  • You should consume 2.5 liters of water every day after the procedure. This is important to eliminate edema if occurred.
  • Use ice packs on the targeted area if the doctor advised to.

Briefly, you can know what to expect from the hospital through these questions:

  • Are the medical staff members’ experts in their specialties and qualified to provide health services?
  • Is this hospital works under the supervision of the Ministry of Health?
  • Is this hospital qualified to perform operations?
  • Does this hospital contain the required equipment to perform operations?
  • Does this hospital provide the appropriate health conditions to perform operations?
  • Can I reach the hospital and the medical consultant at any time? Is this hospital available 24/7?
  • Do people who underwent Hair Transplant at this hospital leave positive reviews about the hospital?
  • Do the results of current and previous patients satisfy my expectations?

I will come from outside the country:

  • Does the hospital provide accommodation?
  • Does the hospital provide translation services?
  • Does the hospital provide airport reception service?
  • Does the hospital provide free transportation services from the airport to the hotel or hospital?
  • When I go to the hospital, am I going to have a personal medical consultant?
  • Is there a department in the hospital that can answer my queries after the procedure?

Selecting The Hospital in Turkey

You should select the hospital after detailed search. It is important to select a hospital with a valid certificate and experienced doctors. In order to get this information, you should check the hospital’s pictures before and after Hair Transplant and other patients’ reviews on the internet.

Beside the success rate and patients’ satisfaction, you should consider the opportunity of medical tourism in the hospital. If the hospital provides consultation, translation services and transportation is better.

At this stage, Natural Hair Turkey hospital is a precious option for people who wants to undergo Hair Transplant in Turkey. Natural Hair Turkey is one of the leading Hair Transplant centers in Europe, because of their communication with patients’ from all around the globe and their providing for unlimited medical solutions through their successful operations for many years, beside all other medical tourism services.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is a direct connection between the success of Hair Transplant procedure, hospital, and doctor. In fact, the hospital that contains experienced doctors, applies international standards in hygiene and sterilization, and their priority is patients’ needs, guarantees the best results for Hair Transplant.
The hospital should hold many certificates for Hair Transplant, contains experienced doctors, and patients’ satisfaction rate is high. These points should be considered while selecting the hospital and the doctor.
Turkey is one of the countries that performs many Hair Transplant procedures by experienced doctors. And it cares about patients’ needs and desires. Moreover, high quality hotels with cheap prices, beside VIP transportations. All included in medical tourism programs on the international standards.
People who suffer no general health problems that may affect the procedure, and suffer hair loss for a long time due to many reasons not only genetic reasons. And tried to stop hair loss in many ways and did not succeed.
The treatment plan in Turkey to get a natural hair is divided into four days. First day is preparing for the procedure, second day for undergoing the procedure, third day is for resting and enjoying different touristic activities, and in the fourth day, the final examination after the procedure.
Natural Hair Turkey is one of the leading Hair Transplant centers in Europe. Natural Hair Turkey gained the trust of many people from all around the globe through their successful operations.
Natural Hair Turkey provides fancy hotels for accommodation, VIP transportations, and free consultations for people who wants to undergo Hair Transplant. In addition, the high quality Hair Transplant that Natural Hair Turkey provides is one of the opportunities for patients.


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