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Aesthetic Operations

Our cosmetic treatments divide into 4 categories. Natural Hair Turkey aims to achieve a natural look with aestetic exelence using cutting-edge technology and advanced expertise.

Face Aesthetics

Due to aging, environmental factors, smoking, sun exposure and various other reasons, wrinkles and sagging may form on the face. Face aesthetics operations mainly aim to fight against such problems.

  • Natural Hair Turkey provides the best possible results with face aesthetics operations in international standards with an expert team and high technological competence.
  • Natural Hair Turkey understands your needs and knows it’s never too late to feel young.


Face Lifting

Forehead Lifting

Facial PRP

Eyebrow Lift

Eyelid Lifting

Face Fat Injection

Removal Moles


Body Aesthetics

Body shape has an important influence on social behavior and perception in society. Aware of this fact, Natural Hair Turkey is dedicated to improving your life socially and individually.

As Natural Hair Turkey, we find the perfect solution for all your cosmetic problems, by prioritizing your wishes, needs, and safety.

We also welcome women and men of all ages and offer a personalized and professional cosmetic reforming experience.

Combination Plastic Surgery



Brazilian Butt Lift

Arm Lift

Arm Liposuction



Inner Thigh Lifting

Neck Lifting


Breast Aesthetic

At Natural Hair Turkey, we understand that healthy and shapely breasts are extremely important for self-confidence. To restore breast size and shape, we perform different applications with or without surgery.

Whichever breast restoration method is used, we offer a personalized and delicate aesthetic experience utilizing the appropriate treatments for you.

As Natural Hair Turkey, we also put your safety and wellbeing as the priority while maintaining your privacy and comfort during all kinds of breast operations.

Breast Augmentation

Breast Lifting

Fat Injection

Inverted Nipple

Breast Implant Removal

Breast Reduction

Genital Aesthetic

We recognize how important it is to love every part of your body and feel comfortable with it.

Through genital cosmetics procedures, we provide vaginal rejuvenation treatment for the people who have various deformities in their labia while resolving their cosmetic problems. So, we empower them to love every inch of their bodies.

We also provide psychological and functional improvement in sexual stimulation regarding our patients’ needs.


Vagina Narrowing

Vagina Plastic Surgery