Breast Implant Removal

Breast Implant Removal Operation in Turkey

A procedure that removes the implants that causes uncomfortable feeling or causes health problems. It aims to take the implant out of the body without damaging it. Women prefer to remove implants in these cases especially:

  • Weight gain,
  • Childbirth,
  • Menopause or hormonal changes,
  • Starting a professional sport life.

After Breast Augmentation with filling, women might have some difficulty of adaptation with their new appearance. And if the operation was not successful and did not match the expectations, they might suffer from medical problems. It is possible that the body reacts with the filling, which causes different health problems. In order to eliminate these problems, Breast Implant Removal gives a permanent solution. It does not matter what type of implants you used before, with this procedure, you can remove all kinds of implants. It is also possible to change the old implant with a new one.


Who Can Undergo Breast Implant Removal?

  • Women who does not suffer any health problems that might be an obstacle for the operation,
  • Women who do not have obesity,
  • Women who have aesthetic or health problems with their implants,
  • Women who had a problem in their implant before,

Pregnant women and women who gave birth recently cannot undergo this operation.

Why Turkey for Breast Implant Removal?

You should select the surgeon and the hospital really well, as with other cosmetic operations. While selecting a cosmetic hospital, it is important to check their results. Since the experience affects the success rate of the operation, it is preferable to select hospitals that contains experienced doctors. In this field, Turkey is a center of cosmetic operations, since it has all other services such as medical tourism programs, appropriate costs. Especially Istanbul, which is full of successful cosmetic hospitals.

It is important to select the surgeon and the hospital really well before the operation. The surgeon should have done the operation successfully before. It is good to know the previous patients opinions about the surgeon. In addition, the patient should never hesitate to ask the surgeon about anything related to the operation. Before the operation, the patient should share these points with the surgeon:

  • Reasons of the operation and expectations.
  • If the patient have any allergies to any kind of medicine.
  • Medical history.
  • Regular used medications.
  • If the patient smokes or drinks alcohol.

The doctor will do some tests to check the patient’s general health condition before Breast Implant Removal in Turkey. At this stage, the operation details are explained, the applied techniques, and information is given about the expected results. Thanks to new technology, the patient can see imaginary results for the operation. Since experience affects the success rate of the operation, you should select the hospitals that contains experienced doctors. Turkey is a center for cosmetic operations, because it contains medical tourism programs and appropriate costs. The patient should consider these points after selecting the hospital and the surgeon:

  • Stop smoking for the prescribed period by the doctor.
  • Stop drinking alcohol for the prescribed period by the doctor.
  • Stop using blood transfusions such as Aspirin.

There are many techniques to remove the breast implant, the best technique will be selected according to the type of implant and the patient needs. However, it is possible to use more than one technique at the same time if it is planned to have other operations in the breast.

The implant is removed in 1-3 hours, usually under local anesthesia. During this operation, not only the implant is removed, the skin tissue is also removed, and the wounds that occurred due to reactions in the breast.

According to the doctor’s vision, the implant is removed by making a small incision under the armpit or the nipple or under the breast. The implant is removed through this incision and a new one is placed if necessary. At the end of the operation, the incision is closed and bandages placed.

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When Breast Implant Removal Should Be Performed?

  • When an implant is damaged or leaking the liquid inside it.
  • When a skin layer occurs around the implant.
  • When the implant is causing an uncomfortable feeling or pain.
  • When a woman wants to change her breast size.
  • When the symmetry of the implant changes for different reasons.
  • When having an uncomfortable feeling and a desire of removing the implant due to general health condition.

Beside these reasons, women might want to change the implant after 10-15 years.

After Breast Implant Removal

The recovery period after Breast Implant Removal in Turkey is shorter and easier than breast augmentation procedure. As with other cosmetic operations, a swelling may occur in the treated area after this operation. After the operation, the patient may need to stay in the hospital for one day. In this case, the doctor will inform the patient. After 24 hours of operation, the patient can do daily activities such as showering and walking. A tube to leak liquids can be used, this tube will be removed in two or three days after the operation, after that, the recovery period starts. Patients can go back to their jobs after two or three days of operation if their job does not require an intense physical activity.

Since the implants changes the breast shape, it is not possible to predict the results accurately. Therefore, it is possible to see the results immediately after the operation. The implant is removed, and the breast will take its final shape after a couple of weeks. Depending on the patient needs and doctor’s vision, it is possible to perform breast augmentation by fat injection. The recovery period varies from patient to another depending on the operation size and the applied technique.

  • Do not exercise heavy sports for 3 weeks after the operation.
  • You should wear the medical corset if the doctor advise you.

Most Common Questions

A procedure to remove the breast implant that causes disturbance for women on the aesthetic and health sides.
The women who does not have any health problems can undergo this operation after the doctor confirms.
Yes, it is possible to remove any type of implants with this procedure.
No, pregnant women or women who gavebirth recently cannot undergo this procedure.
The duration varies depending on the applied technique by the doctor and the operation size, usually it takes 1-3 hours.
Usually it is done under local anesthesia, in some cases and depending on the doctor’s vision, it can be done under general anesthesia.
After the doctor’s confirmation, it is possible to replace the old implant with a new one, in order to reach the desired size for the breast.
The recovery period varies after removing the implant from a patient to another, therefore, in 2-3 weeks after the operation, the breast starts to take its final shape.
It is possible to do the daily activities such as showering and walking after 2-3 days after the operation.
Yes, you should wear your medical corset after the operation if your doctor recommended that.

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