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Hair Transplant Training

Natural Hair Turkey, the leading hair transplant hospital in Turkey and Europe, and after all the success it made, decided to share knowledge and experience with the candidate whom are interested to learn about hair transplant as a proceed and a future specialization or with a business plan, which is to set up their own clinic.

The responsible medical and administration stuff of the academy that works on providing an innovative training and high-quality education and facilitation and sharing the years’ experience with the trainees in order for them to master the proceed.

About Us

The NHT training academy was established in 2010 and is dedicated to providing a high level of training to medical professionals whether they are in hair transplant field and want to improve their skills or aim to take it as a new career path.

NHT academy has set up a strict educational protocol and procedures which are recognized by the international accreditation group under the European union conditions, policy and certification.

Practical Training

Although, hair transplant seems to be an easy proceed from the outside, but as a medical intervention it requires a high attention and accuracy, the aesthetic result is also as important as the patient’s well-being and satisfaction. therefore, we are integrating the practical part on our training programs, so that a trainee will be aware of the importance of each step, and as NHT Academy, we certainly will not let you miss any detail.

The training is based on learning by doing, 90% of the programs is hand on real patients. Different practical sessions are provided by NHT academy to doctors, technicians and nurses, which allows all candidates to be able to count on themselves according to what they have learned within the academy.

Training To Face Different Conditions

One of the most important points that can make of you an excellent hair transplant specialist is practicing on many operations in order to realize differences.

During the training you will get the opportunity to practice on different hair structures; curly, long and even beard, mustache and eyebrows. You will also learn how to extract grafts from the chest and more conditions to practice on. All of these advantages above are due to the number of daily patients received by NATURAL HAIR TURKEY, which is an average of 20 to 25 case.

NHT academy is providing training using different techniques and seeking the newest methods, such as FUE, DHI and Robotic DHI.
Natural Hair Turkey, and as considered a leading clinic in this field, keeps on searching for new techniques and developing services and methods for the goal of achieving better results and it is the first hospital to apply FUE and DHI techniques, which allows a trainee to master hair transplant and keep them updates while applying these techniques as a future specialist
By the end of your training, you will receive from our institute a certificate that proves your attending, after passing an exam that will decide your qualification and your future as an expert as well. Also, a card that will allow you to practice what you have learnt within our academy.
NHT Academy, which is continuously reviewed and rated by The International Accreditation Forum, can give features to its nurses and doctors by the degree they get after the program.
This program will not only make of you an expert, in addition, it will assure you to get more than you gave, as the price of hair transplant is increasing due to the innovation noticed in this field, which will afford you a good income by each operation you make and a profitable career in general, in Turkey and anywhere else in the world.

Special Training

Our training programs are devised depending on your specialization, educational background and your personal motives. Starting from a common theoretical course, provided to all of our trainees for the aim of attending a high knowledge about hair anatomy, the newest hair transplant techniques and what hair transplant is.

  • A practical training ready for you to book! To all our trainees with medical background, whether they were doctors, technicians or nurses, we have a special course for you to attend, which will surely make of you a successful hair transplant specialist to be and strongly enter this sector.
  • All you need to know about hair transplant, is explained in details in NHT Academy, the entire procedure starting from giving you a large knowledge about hair, hair’s different structures and types and, the techniques used for each case to a hand on real patient.
  • Our organizers will be assisting you before and during the training, yet, in case you face off a difficult case or any type of complications or queries, they will provide instant help and will follow up with you for at least 3 months after your course. Because we want you to master hair transplant as we do!

A Training Provided By Doctors With More Than 10 Years Of Experience

Your training in NHT academy will be guided and organized by highly qualified doctors who will help you out achieving great result by sharing their several years’ experience with you through a theoretical course about the proceed in order to make you understand what hair transplant is an intervention and the steps to follow and all you need to know before you proceed . This way you will realize a huge progress the more you practice and will be able to make a full operation by your own or even start up a hair transplant clinic the more you practice.

An At Least 3 Months Fellowship And Consultation:

Our contact with our trainees never ends by the time they finish the program, well, a new type of assistance starts by their last day, which is, providing them consultation and answering on their queries, and also help them solve out the complications they may be facing off, even though they are rare thanks to the high quality educational system we are following. This way you will have a chance to learn more and to be updates by hair transplant new techniques.

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