Removal of Face and Body Moles

Removal of Face and Body Moles

People may be uncomfortable with moles on their bodies and faces. In this case, hiding these moles with makeup is an option, but makeup does not provide a permanent solution. Some moles causes uncomfortable feeling on aesthetic and health side. It might cause skin irritation, which leads to feel pain while wearing clothes. Some moles may cause pain directly without any external factors. Although some moles are not harmful, but it must be taken care of. It is so important to follow the changes in color, shape, and size in moles. In fact, these changes might be the beginning of skin cancer. In this case, it is necessary to consult a doctor.

Some people may try to eliminate these moles on their faces and bodies by themselves. This method is so dangerous and causes infection and no specialist in health care advice. People may try to get rid of these moles by creams. Many studies have shown that these creams causes permanent scars on the body. Trying to get rid of moles at home does not allow you to check if there is cancer or not. For this reason, moles should be removed in a hospital or clinic.

It is important to select the doctor and the hospital really well, as with other cosmetic operations. While selecting a cosmetic hospital, you should check their results. Since experience affect the success rate of the operation, it is preferable to select hospitals that contains experienced doctors. In this field, Turkey is a center of cosmetic operations, since it has all other services such as medical tourism programs and appropriate costs.


Moles Types

Face and body moles are separated into different types according to their levels and appearance:

Congenital Moles: Small moles on the skin since birth are not harmful. It is possible to remove the big ones by doctor.

– Acquired Moles: Moles occurs after birth. Generally, they are not dangerous, but if any change happens in these moles, it is preferable to consult a doctor.

– Birth Sign: Light pink moles, it is rare to occur, and might cause some itch.

– Atypical Moles: They are different in color and shape from congenital moles. These moles are big and wide and contains many colors. Generally, these moles are suspicious because of their colors and shapes.

In addition, it is important to take care of the newly appeared moles. Moles that occurs in the body until twenties are normal.

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When Should I Undergo Removal of Moles Operation?

You should consult a doctor in these conditions:

  • If a change occurred in size, color, or shape by time.
  • If the mole is asymmetric.
  • If the mole’s shape is abnormal.
  • If the mole’s diameter is larger than usual.
  • If the mole is multicolored.

There is also a rule created by some information, called ABCDE rule, it determines if the mole is cancerous. This role can be applied at home.

This role works by evaluating these characteristics:

1 – Asymmetry: If the mole is different in size from other moles.
2 – Borders: If the mole’s borders are asymmetric.
3 – Color: If the mole is multicolored.
4 – Diameter: If the mole’s diameter is larger than 6 mm.
5 – Development: If changes occurred on color, size, or shape in weeks or months.

If the person is having any of these conditions, they should consult a doctor and make tests to be sure there is no skin cancer.

After Removal of Face and Body Moles

The recovery period varies from person to another, it takes between a couple of days to a couple of weeks depending on the mole’s size. Patients can go back to their daily lives in the next day of operation.

After the operation, it is possible to feel a minor pain and itch in the treated area. The doctor will guide the patient on how to keep the treated area clean. If there are stitches, the doctor might recommend keeping the treated area dry as possible. In addition, do not exercise heavy sports after the operation.

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Who Can Undergo Removal of Face and Body Moles?

People who are not comfortable with moles appearing in their faces and bodies, and who are suffering a health problem because of them can undergo this operation. However, the last decision is for the doctor.

Before Removal of Face and Body Moles

The doctor may ask for a biopsy to examine it under the microscope to make sure there is no cancer. And will talk with the patient about the operation details and the expected results.

During Removal of Face and Body Moles

There are two techniques to remove the mole:

1 – Surgical Eradication: In this method, the whole mole is removed from the skin, many techniques are used in this method. After that, the incision is stitched.

2 – Surgical Trimming: In this method, the mole is trimmed and made not prominent, no need for stitches in this method.

Regardless of the applied method, this operation is done under local anesthesia.

This operation takes about 20 minutes to one hour depending on the mole’s size. According to which layer of the skin is removed, the doctor decides if there is a need for stitches or not.

Most Common Questions

A procedure that removes the existing moles on face and body and affects people’s health and aesthetic appearance.
It is possible to separate moles into four types: Congenital, Acquired, Birth Sign Mole, and Atypical.
Composite filling is a good option if the sagging in the breast is light, or if you have a certain type of breast abnormality, or if you do not want your breasts to be too full. However, the composite filler does not have much advantage over the circular filling. Both types have good results. As a result of good contact between doctor and patient and detailed breast analysis, the best types of fillings will be selected.
Although there are no obstacles for this operation, the doctor’s opinion is necessary.
Depending on the method and the applied technique, this operation takes about 20 minutes to one hour.
There are two techniques for this operation, surgical eradication, and surgical trimming.
Depending on the applied technique, there might be some stitches after the operation.
Yes, the results of this operation are permanent. Although, if the mole grow again, you should inform your doctor.
You can go back to your daily life in the next day of the operation.
Trying to get rid of moles at home is dangerous, because it might cause some health problems.

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