Woman applying dental implant care

Important Tips For Dental Implant Care

Important Tips For Dental Implant Care With numerous benefits to oral health and daily social life of patient, dental implants are an irreplacable option for people suffering from missing teeth. In a simpler expression, an articifial tooth is placed with a dental post on patient’s jawbone to fully function like a natural tooth. By following...
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What is hair loss?

Everyone loses hair occasionally. It could happen during your morning shower, or while you’re blowing it, and that’s completely normal. It has been scientifically proved that we lose 50 to 100 hairs per day. However, if your hair begins falling out regularly in significant numbers, you tend to find bald areas and you might be...
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Hair Loss in Men and Women

What Is Hair? How Does the Hair Growth Cycle Work? What Is Hair Loss? Why Does Hair Fall Out? What Are the Types of Hair Loss? Understanding the Male Pattern Hair Loss Understanding the Female Pattern Hair Loss What Is Hair? Hair is simple in structure but has essential social functions. Hair consists of a...
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