Why Should You Prefer Straumann Dental Implants?

Straumann looking dental implant

Why Should You Prefer Straumann Dental Implants?

Undoubtedly, dental implants have made a miraculous touch for people having missing teeth. With the cooperation of prosthesis, abutment, and dental post functions in harmony on patients thanks to medical expertise of your dentist. With that said, a lifetime-lasting, flexible, and strong artificial tooth requires a need of patient’s dental knowledge on the treatment process and materials used during it.

In this blog, dear readers’ knowledge will be expanded with subheads related to function, benefits of dental implants, and details indicating the great advantages of pioneer of dental implants, the Straumann brand. Firstly, let’s take a look at the functions of dental implants.


What Are The Functions Of Dental Implants? 

Functions of dental implants have a very long list that could be filled up with secondary benefits of them merely by functioning like natural teeth. Here are the most prominent features of dental implants which place great advantages and comfort to patients’ daily lives and general health.

Dental implants are a viable option for missing teeth: For aesthetical and health-related issues, bare gum without the protection of a tooth is potentially fragile against negative comments and illnesses related to shifting of adjacent teeth to the missing area.

Dental implants will make you the confident speaker in a silent room: When it comes to speaking, airflow, movements of lips, and placement of teeth takes an important part. According to the area your teeth are missing, you may face struggles in vocalizing exact letters such as s, t, f, and j. Due to the risk of adjacency on gum, this problem has a possibility of becoming more serious in time.

Missing Teeth Weaken Jawbone In Time: Once the teeth fall down from mouth, the jawbone starts to get weaken in time. In order to avoid this highly intimidating situation, the jawbone must be stimulated with an artificial root which can be supplied with a dental post.

Having any of these disadvantages in your daily life can be the adequate motivation to not delay your thoughts of having an artificial tooth, functioning as much as a natural tooth.


What Should I Consider Before Getting Dental Implants?

Getting dental implants is a journey each step of it needs to be calculated precisely. In this section of the post, here are the details that can be placed as top conditions should be considered before getting dental implants.

Be sure of your health conditions: As a part of the body can not be considered separately from other parts, your general health carries an importance for the status of dental implant treatment. Diabetes, chronic diseases, blood pressure, and autoimmune diseases may be linked to the treatment in negative aspects. In order to avoid this situation, you should share your medical history with the dental health expert who will operate the treatment.

Cleanness of mouth can not be discussed: To maintain the health status of your teeth on a positive spectrum of well-being, oral health comes with the first priority. Likewise, for the sake of natural teeth, dental implants require the same diligence for themselves as well. With that said, care of dental implants asks for a few more details to keep in mind. These details may vary from preferring a softer toothbrush to not damage artificial teeth’s surface to requiring specified tools at dental clinics for a professional cleaning, more different than natural teeth cleaning.

The density of bones is a decider on additional treatments: Density of bones gradually decreases due to reasons like aging, tobacco and alcohol consumption, and gender-based conditions. In case of bone density is on levels of unavoidable from a pre-treatment, bone grafting may be applied by your dentist. Once the bone density on the jaw has reached an optimal point, a dental implant may be applied on the considered area.

Your budget has the final say on the type of dental implant treatment: As a matter of bitter truth, your budget has an irreplaceable position in the planning phase. For this reason, seeking out ways of lowering the price is beneficial for getting a higher quality treatment at a given or even lower price. As techniques and ways of lowering prices, these ideas may give a better insight; Following special dental campaigns, consulting to sales department of a dental health clinic for a more economic price, having private insurance ,and searching about national public health coverages for specific dental treatments.

Wrong Dental Implant Material Cause to Failure: In opposite to the high success rate on dental implant treatment, picking the wrong material for a patient who has an allergy to metal may cause irritation and negative attributes towards osseointegration. In order to avoid this risk bound to fail the patient’s process, inform your dentist about the allergies you have.

Keep the treatment timeline in mind: Despite conditions, budget, and other details being met, the treatment timeline might be a problem for patients with a tight schedule or getting the treatment abroad. If you are a type of patient having the same issues with the ones mentioned above, there are dental implant treatment options that is can be done just in one day. Yet, keep it in mind that a shorter treatment line may also mean a shorter lifespan for your implant as well.

By choosing Straumann, you will get a unique experience that will benefit you highly likely for a lifetime. Thankfully, Natural Clinic has Straumann dental implants with experience equal to more than ten years. With just in few clicks, you can start your journey of new dental implants that will help you to improve your daily life conditions in every aspect. Contact us now.

What Are The Advantages Of Straumann Dental Implants?

By many authorities, dentists, and patients, Straumann dental implants are regarded as the best in official and unofficial rankings based on research and the satisfaction rate of patients. The reasons for making Strumann unique from other brands are listed below.

You can buy a Straumann once: Yes, what you have just read is correct. The high success rate of Straumann dental implants even after ten years later is an important reminder of every dime will be given to Straumann dental implants is an investment have a chance of lasting for your lifetime. By going under the path of high(!) expense, you may get comfort and confidence of having the best on your gum.

Lower chances of breaking or fracture on Straumann dental implant: In chemistry alloying means combining two different metals to make something stronger. This simple yet effective principle is used by Straumann for dental implants of their own.

Straumann offers many options to dentists and patients: Versatile is the perfect word to describe a characteristic attribute of Straumann dental implants. For patients in a request of a specific treatment, Straumann offers the utmost quality to them without an extra condition.

Straumann dental implants are compatible with the latest technology: As the higher success rate of dental implant treatments relies on modern dentistry, higher quality dental implants are needed as well. In this situation, following a choice like Straumann dental implant can be the right choice.

The Straumann brand comes from long years of experience: Thanks to Straumann has been serving to the happiness of patients for more than 50 years, Straumann dental implants give a reliable frame to people.


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