DHI Hair Transplant Method and Choi Pen: All You Need to Know

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Hair Transplant is the final solution for people who suffer severe hair loss, it is done by different techniques depending on the patient’s needs and desires:

  • FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction)
  • FUT (Follicular Unit Transplant)
  • DHI (Direct Hair Implantation)
  • Robotic DHI

In this article, we will give you information about DHI technique (Direct Hair Implantation).

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What Is DHI Technique (Direct Hair Implantation) For Hair Transplant?

DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) technique is a very advanced method in Hair Transplant field and it is the best option for people who wants to get a new hair with many advantages. It is possible to have a new natural hair within 5-7 hours with this technique that allows implanting 2500-3000 grafts.

Hair Transplant with DHI technique is done without shaving hair and with a very fine needle called Choi pen.

What Is Choi Pen?

Choi pen is a cylindrical tool with a very fine and sharp needle. This needle is a channel that holds grafts. During Hair Transplant procedure, the extracted grafts from donor area (which is usually the backside of the head that contains healthy grafts) will be implanted individually by Choi pen without opening any incision. It is possible to implant hair naturally by Choi pen with a 0.5-1.5 mm diameter.

Choi pen has different heads in sizes for different hair types, during the operation, 2-6 heads are used depending on the patient’s need.

How Hair Transplant Is Done By DHI (Direct Hair Implantation) Technique?

The stages of DHI Hair Transplant are:

  • The operation is planned by designing the new hair’s shape that fits the patient.
  • The grafts are extracted individually from the donor area.
  • The grafts are placed in Choi pen’s channels in order to implant them directly.
  • The grafts are implanted at the scalp by Choi pen with a 40-45 degrees angle, by an appropriate density depending on the treatment plan and patient’s features.

Why DHI Technique (Direct Hair Implantation) Is Highly Recommended For Hair Transplant?

DHI technique is an up-to-date and advanced hair transplantation method as well as many advantages.
These advantages can be listed as follows:

There are no scars or stitches.

Since the procedure is done by very fine needles (Choi pen), there are no incisions and stitches. In this way, there will be no scars.

In addition that, having no incision decreases the risk of bleeding during and after the procedure.

There is no need to shave hair.

One of the nice advantages of DHI technique, there is no need to shave all hair before the procedure. Unlike the other techniques, you do not need shave any of your current hair.

The duration of the grafts outside the tissues are less.

Comparing with other techniques, the duration that grafts spend outside tissues is shorter, which means these grafts maintain their validity for longer time. This is very important for the grafts adaption with tissues after the procedure, which will give you a healthy result.

Denser Hair Transplant.

DHI technique allows having a denser Hair Transplant compared with other techniques. This technique gives a natural appearance. It is possible to get a dense hair with DHI technique, it is possible to implant 120 grafts in each square cm. In addition, it is very easy to form grafts and determine the growth angle with this technique.

Comfortable Hair Transplant

Beyond the abovementioned advantages, DHI promises the patient a comfortable process. Because of the nature of the technique, during the operation, no incision, and less pain is felt with local anesthesia than the minimum level. In fact, DHI is also known as a painless hair transplantation technique.

However, as the DHI technique can be completed grooving and root placement procedures at the same time so hair follicles are placed in a short time successfully.

Short recovery period.

Since there are no incisions or stitches in hair transplant procedure that is performed by using DHI technique, the recovery period will be shorter than other techniques.

Does the DHI technique (Direct Hair Implantation)  have disadvantages?

Whether the DHI technique has many disadvantages before, during and after the application is a matter of concern for the patients.

Although it cannot be called a disadvantage, the DHI technique must be performed with great care by highly experienced people. In fact, the high level of concentration is very important in the application process of this technique. In order to achieve the best results, we can say that qualified people who are specialized in this technique should perform the operations.

In addition, hair transplantation with the DHI technique is more costly than with other methods of hair transplantation. This cost difference can be seen as a detail considering the needs, wishes and results of the patient. At this point, it should also be taken into consideration that the decisions made considering only the transaction fee will not provide significant benefits to the patient in terms of results.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is an advanced technique for Hair Transplant (Direct Hair Implantation). This technique allows implanting grafts in the scalp by fine needles.
One of the advantages of DHI technique is you do not need to shave your hair before the procedure.
Choi pen is a very fine needle used in DHI technique. With this needle, the grafts taken from the donor area are implanted directly in the scalp.
Choi pen allows implanting grafts without making incisions. Thanks to its accurate needle, it allows a pain free Hair Transplant.
No, if the doctor did not decide the opposite. It is possible to leave the hospital and go back to daily life after DHI Hair Transplant.

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