How much weight can you lose with Liposuction? | All Details

 How Many Kilograms Is It Possible To Lose With Liposuction?

Liposuction is a procedure that shapes the body by removing the excess fat in some parts. This procedure is done in some body parts, but the result affect the whole body and appearance.

During Liposuction, small incisions are opened in the targeted part, which is possible to hide by body curves and underwear, and fat can be melted in the body with different techniques. With fine needles, it is possible to remove the melted oils from the body. In this way, fat cells are removed permanently from the body.

Liposuction is considered as a supportive procedure that helps to lose weight, contrary to what is customary for many people that it is a weight loss procedure. Is Liposuction directly related to weight loss? And if it is a method to lose weight, how much weight can you lose with this procedure?

Let us ask new questions in order to find answers for them.

Is Liposuction A Method To Lose Weight?

In addition to making bodylines visible, Liposuction is used as a supportive procedure to many other cosmetic procedures. Liposuction is perfect for people who already lost their weight and want to get rid of concentrated fat. It is wrong to think that the main purpose of Liposuction is losing excess weight.

People who have no obesity problems, or whom their fat percentage is 30% of their body weight maximum, are perfectly suitable to undergo Liposuction. While people who do not reach these conditions must lose their weight before the procedure. As we mentioned before, Liposuction is not a method to lose weight.

How Much Fat Is It Possible To Lose With Liposuction?

In this procedure, which is done independently of gender, doctors will decide how much fat to remove from the body depending on the BMI (Body Mass Index) of the patients and their physical properties. However, it is not possible to remove more than two thirds of fat in the body.

During Liposuction, it is possible to remove about 5-6 kilograms maximum. While it is possible for the patient to lose this amount of weight, so we cannot consider Liposuction as a weight loss method.

How Much Thinness Achieved In The Body With Liposuction?

As we mentioned before, you can lose maximum 5-6 kilograms of fat in one session without damaging the general health of your body, which allows the patient to lose two or three sizes. However, this may vary depending on the person’s body structure and the area which fat is taken from.

But remember:

It is not appropriate to associate the desire of losing this amount of weight or losing two or three sizes with Liposuction. Losing weight as much as fat was removed from the body is not enough to conclude that the main reason for Liposuction is weight loss, because the procedure basically not aimed at that. In addition, we cannot say that this weight loss is permanent.

Expect Realistic Results From Liposuction!

Liposuction is not a magical wand that can change your body in a moment. Your expectations from this procedure, which has a very strong effect, must be realistic as many other cosmetic operations. Instead of planning for Liposuction to lose weight only, it will be more realistic to expect losing a bit of your weight as a natural result of this procedure.

There is something about your surgeon: your surgeon will determine the appropriate amount of fat to remove from your body. It is important to trust his decision and do not insist to remove more fat, which could put you at risk.

At this stage, it is important to select a good surgeon and hospital. Unfortunately, some hospitals only cares about weight loss, they remove about 8-9 kilograms of fat without censorship. This is extremely dangerous, because when you remove such large amounts of fat it may damage the veins, which leads to clogging in veins. This is not the only danger thing…

Support The Results After Liposuction With Sport And Diet!

Liposuction provides you excellent solutions to achieve the appearance you want and could not reach with sport and diet. But it is up to you to make these solutions permanent!

After Liposuction, it is possible to form new fat cells in the body. However, researches shows that Liposuction results are permanent.

If you commit to sport regularly with healthy diet, it can guarantee you the continuation of the achieved results. Especially after performing the procedure on the abdomen. Physical activities helps to develop the results and maintain them. At this point, we can say that Liposuction and sport are two complementary elements. Researches proved that people who exercise three days a week after Liposuction, can get rid of larger amount of fat! In addition, this positive change in the body contributes the development of insulin levels.

Most Common Questions

Liposuction is not a method to lose weight. It is a procedure that aims to shape the body by removing the concentrated fat in some body parts.
Liposuction is not a method to lose weight, so it is not possible to get rid of excess weight completely. However, it is possible to get rid of concentrated fat in some body parts with Liposuction, and shape your body in an appropriate way, and improve your external appearance completely.
Usually, people who suffer obesity are not suitable for Liposuction. Because it is not possible to undergo Liposuction if your fat percentage is more than 30% of your body.
Liposuction is a very good solution to shape the body. The excess and concentrated fat is melted with different techniques then suctioned out. Which means the whole body will be formed due to the weakness of the lean areas.
The slim body is not the main purpose of Liposuction. You can reach the slim body by eliminating the concentrated fat in some body parts beside exercising sport and following a healthy diet.

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