Prices of hair transplantation in Turkey

Prices of hair transplantation in Turkey

Hair transplant is the new solution today to all the hair problems and Turkey is the first popular destination for that for a lot of reasons like:

  • The professionalism and the intensive care of medical teams and the doctors.
  • The popularity of Turkey as a destination: more than 5000 patient per month in Istanbul.
  • The modern hospitals with all the high technologies: more than 350 clinics just in Istanbul.
  • Highly trained and experienced surgeons who work around the world and best medical tools for hair transplant.
  • The high number of successful operations in Turkey and satisfying results.
  • The incompatible prices compared to other countries.


The prices of hair transplant in Turkey is different from one person to another and this is depend on the condition of the patient like; the number of grafts, the technique of transplant, the zone of transplant and of course the services you received (the quality of the hotel, the package chosen, the offers of the hospital…)

The price of any transplant operation can be official after the examination of the doctor so if you contact your hospital and decide to transplant your hair you have to send clear pictures to make it easy for the medical council.

Before taking the decision of hair transplant it is too important to understand the process before getting the operation so you need to ask about everything to be ready physically and mentally.

For the best results you need to provide the restriction of the medical team before, during and after the operation; this constrictions are for the patient’s sake.

In Natural Hair Turkey you can change your look with the best care you can have it and under the most experienced medical team; be our guest and have a hair transplant.


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