Prices of hair transplantation in Turkey

Today, Turkey the world’s first and most popular destination for hair transplantation as a solution to permanent hair loss solutions for many reasons such as:

– Professional and intensive care of medical teams and doctors in Turkey.
– Turkey’s growing popularity as a tourist destination: More than 5,000 hair-raising students per month in Istanbul only and this figure is increasing.
– The most modern hospitals in Istanbul with the latest technology and technology: more than 350 hospitals in Istanbul.
– The vast number of the most experienced surgeons and trainees in the best international hospitals who work around the world and the best medical machines and techniques in the world of hair transplantation.
– The number of successful hair transplant operations in Turkey and the high results at the global level.
– Prices are noncompetitive by the rest of the countries in hair transplantation.
In addition to many other reasons.

The cost of hair transplant varies from one person to another depending on the condition of each person. This depends mainly on the number of bulbs to be planted, the hair transplant technology, the area of ​​the area to be cultivated and last but not least the quality of the services provided by the hotel quality and the services offered. By the hospital and also transport and medicines …

The medical staff can only determine the cost of the treatment and the process only after evaluating the case and make sure the importance and the need to cultivate the hair of the person so if you are interested in hair transplant and you have contact with a hospital to determine the date of the process you must send clear pictures of the head to be easy to evaluate your doctor in a way Accurate.

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