The difference between hair transplantation and plasma injection

What is the difference between hair transplantation and plasma injection?

Most people dream of healthy, thick hair, which causes them a state of tension and anxiety when they start to notice hair loss and immediately think about hair transplantation. At the beginning you should be informed that there is a natural hair loss ranging from 80 to 100 hair a day is a healthy fall for the renewal of cells and complete the life cycle of hair. If the 100 hair loss is exceeded daily it becomes a matter of concern and requires attention and the search for suitable solutions.

And here we wonder whether all hair loss necessarily necessitates hair transplantation?
The answer is no, our experts at Natural Hair Turkey advise that hair transplantation be the final and final solution for the final elimination of hair loss in a situation where the use of pharmacological treatments is insufficient either due to the physiology of the patient’s body or because the hair loss reaches a very late stage without any interest By the patient.
However, in normal cases, our doctors are advised to try the therapeutic solutions at the beginning. Therefore, we first examine and evaluate the condition of the patient who suffers from cavities in the scalp or the problem of hair loss of all kinds (hair, beard, eyebrows or eyelashes) .

In some cases, the use of supportive drugs is sufficient to restore hair vitality and eliminate the problem of fall. Therefore, in some cases, our experts perform the hair transplantation process by describing treatments and vitamins for the donor area when they are weak or uneven and in poor condition to strengthen the donor area and strengthen it and make it more healthy so that it becomes more ready to give more follicles Thus increasing the success rate of the process.

Plasma injection is the most important treatment among all the treatments recommended by doctors in terms of the health value of hair and the fact that they are free of any chemicals and therefore without any side effects because they are extracted from the blood of the person himself. In the plasma injection technique or so-called PRP, specialists draw a small amount of blood of the patient or person and placed in a special machine (blood separation device) to separate the plasma platelets from the rest of the other blood components so-called process of induction and injection in the region where the patient suffers from The problem of hair loss locally.

If you suffer from hair loss, your condition may not require hair transplantation, so plasma injection is the best treatment for stopping the fall and rejuvenation of the hair. Therefore, we advise you to first communicate with your doctor to assess your condition first. Our experts also advise Natural Turkey to inject plasma after transplantation because it feeds the stem cells directly and allows the hair follicle to produce as many hair as possible. Here, one bulb is produced between the hair and three hairs, Recovery after planting and the emergence of strong natural hair as soon as possible.

Plasma injection can help hair growth and improve its quality, but it is not a treatment that is used for a long or long period. For this reason we at Natural Hair Turkey recommend that you use it, according to the opinion of the doctor.
In addition to plasma injection, specialists at Natural Hair Turkey are at your disposal a range of medicines and vitamins for the best results.

You can now get a free preview at Natural Hair Turkey regarding the health of your hair or to know the centers approved by your country to give plasma sessions or in case your interest in hair transplantation in Turkey

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