Five facts you should know about your hair

What should you know about your hair?

Before you turn to natural hair, Turkey offers you 5 facts today about your hair

Our hair falls daily at a rate of between 80 and 100 hair per adult for reasons such as psychological stress, weather or so-called climate changes and daily life and other fast causes, but specialists consider that this rate is very normal and normal and there is no need To worry about it as the fall of natural hair (health) is very important to update the life cycle of hair and more healthy scalp, it is worth noting that the distinction between hair loss and natural hair loss.

According to experts at Penn State University, ultraviolet rays of the sun are considered the most dangerous to the bare skin or skin without hair, especially the areas of falling hair, recently, which makes the human body sorting a substance called melanin as a reaction that allows the skin to absorb the sun to smooth the skin color with the rest of the body .

A Japanese Yamaguchi study proved that we knew exactly when we were sleeping and when the human body was in motion and could determine where we went through differences due to climate or weather changes, differences in eating habits, drinking water and not forgetting the percentage of pollution In the atmosphere, which vary from region to region and affect hair in general.

All of us are born with 100,000 hair follicles in the head, but the life cycle of the hair, ranging from 4 to 7 years, varies from one person to another. In normal circumstances, this life cycle of the hair follicle varies faster, especially among women, and varies from woman to woman due to several factors The most important pregnancy and birth …

When we lose our hair we feel colder, we feel our body temperature and can make the difference between our feeling of cold and our feeling of heat so it is beside the health and aesthetic importance of human organs that should be taken care of.

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