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Hair transplantation by using DHI method

Hair transplantation today is one of the latest solutions in the modern world as a solution to the problems of hair loss. It is also the best technique for correcting the problems that can affect facial hair, mainly in the scars of the beard, eyebrow and mustache. Hair transplantation, hair transplantation technology in Turkey, has proven its success in the world and we at Natural Hair Turkey, always using the latest techniques in hair transplantation, we had to be one of the first to use this technique.

Hair transplantation by using DHI method 2018

The technique of manual extraction is that the specialist to open the channels and pull the bulbs of Shaeridia one after the other, individually by a hand machine ranging in thickness between 0.75 and 1.88, allowing the surgeon to know the quality of the hair and direction and contribute to identify areas to be taken to the province On the general shape of the back of the head. It is worth mentioning that each hair bulb produces between one hair and three hairs.

The quality of the bulb and its sensitivity are the most important factor for successful hair transplantation, which makes hand extraction the best way to get more intense hair. This technique is characterized by the maintenance of the bulb when extracted from the donor area, from the popular method of harvesting using the micro motor by up to 20%, according to experts said hair transplantation in the world. This accurate method allows the surgeon not to lose any bulb, which is one of the factors of success of the technology and yet is carried out by only a few hospitals because they need more hours than the way to take the method of micro-motor, which is done automatically.

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The procedure is performed under the influence of local anesthesia throughout the period of surgery and does not have any subsequent side effects. This allows the person who performed the hair transplant method in the manual extraction method to return to normal social life with some caution and precaution in the first period only.

Helps to strengthen the bulb and fix it and treatments to resist inflammation and to help hair grow in a quick and healthy way, like our habit at Natural Hair Turkey We have been and are still the pioneers of the use of modern technology, so today we offer hair transplantation method of manual extraction Baa To international standards and with guaranteed results.

Farewell to hair loss permanently with manual extraction technique.

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