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The United States is one of the responsible countries for development of healthcare. When we talk about the US, we imagine an advanced country, with advanced healthcare facilities, which perform operations with the newest technologies. The same image reflect when we talk about Hair Transplant as well.

We have prepared this article, in order to provide you information to help you make a comparison between Hair Transplant in the US and Turkey. Let us start!

Hair Transplant Cost in the USA

As we mentioned before, even if people did not run any study or research, they know there are many clinics in the country that can perform highly successful operations. Even if this is not the full image, we cannot deny there are many qualified Hair Transplant clinics in the US.

Hair Transplant clinics in the US calculate the cost depending on the applied technique and number of grafts. For example, in an average clinic in the US, each grafts costs about five USD using FUE technique. In the average operation that uses 2000-3000 grafts, the cost will be expensive. Many people give up on Hair Transplant idea for this reason.

The known cost for Hair Transplant in the US is between 3500-15000 USD. This number varies depending on the service, applied technique, and the number of grafts.

In order to evaluate Hair Transplant in the US, we would like to compare it with another expert country in Hair Transplant, such as Turkey.

Turkey’s Standards in Hair Transplant

Over the years, many countries has set some standards for Hair Transplant. Turkey is on the top list of these countries. Many research institutions has made studies about Hair Transplant, the results has shown Turkey as a very big supporter of this field.

If you select the right clinic and expert for Hair Transplant in Turkey, you will get these services:

  • Accommodation at four or five stars hotel in downtown.
  • Private cars for transportation between airport, hotel, and the hospital, with a private driver.
  • PRP treatment.
  • Private translator in the hospital.
  • An expert to wash the transplanted area after the procedure.
  • A follow up service with the medical consultant after the procedure.

Except Turkey, Hair Transplant cost is similar to the cost in the US, which covers only the procedure. Turkey is the first option for people coming from outside and want to enjoy the opportunities of medical tourism

In addition to undergoing Hair Transplant, having a medical consultant to support you after the procedure is very important. Because you might be unable to do the examination after the procedure because you are outside the country. In this case, we recommend selecting a team who is able to support you by giving detailed information about the period after the procedure and how to keep the treated area healthy.

Leave It for Its Owner

The US is a country that makes many leading studies in Hair Transplant, in order to develop this field. Many countries do these studies as well such as Turkey, to get the best results.

The US has shown very big efforts to provide solutions for hair loss, but it is important to give a chance to countries that combined these studies with practice. We can summarize this issue in Hair Transplant by leaving it for its owner!

Mentioning Turkey as an expert in Hair Transplant is normal. Because it is one of the advanced countries on Hair Transplant international ranking. Hair Transplant is done with appropriate cost for many people from around the globe with different hair types, beside having many experienced doctors in Hair Transplant, who has performed many different procedures. These doctors guarantee successful results through Hair Transplant procedures done by the personal characteristics of patients. Therefore, it is important to consider experience and practice the same way we consider studies and researches, and take the decision according to this.

Frequently Asked Question

The average cost of Hair Transplant in the US is 3500-15000 USD.
As we mentioned before, the cost of Hair Transplant in the US is 3500-15000 USD, in Turkey it varies between 1500-3000 USD.
The first factor is the number of grafts, beside this there is the applied technique, and the clinic, which will perform the procedure.
Hair Transplant cost in Turkey includes accommodation, transportation, PRP treatment, private translator, washing after the procedure, and the follow up by the medical consultant.


  • muzaffer fazzaa

    25 January 2020 - 11:21

    having a hair transplant in USA sounds super cool but the prices are over the odds! Cant afford it. i gues i will check on your clinic :)))))

    • Natural Hair Turkey

      28 January 2020 - 11:28

      Hello Muzaffer,

      Thanks for expressing your interest in Natural Hair Turkey.

      For further information about our clinic please feel free to contact us by the number +90 531 546 10 05, so that our medical consultant will contact you and provide you a free medical examination to clarify all the details of the condition.


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