What is going to happen after beard transplant? | All Details

Many social studies around the world has shown that beardy men are more attractive than men without beard. For this reason, many men started to think about Beard Transplant as an alternative solution to feel better and more confident.

If you want to get a dense beard and you do not have suitable genetic factors or if you have any problems in beard for any reason, Beard Transplant will give you an effective and permanent solution that no other thing can provide.

One of the questions people ask about such operations that provide permanent solutions is “What will happen after Beard Transplant?” Keep reading to get all the details about the period after Beard Transplant and its results.

Let Us Take A Look On Beard Transplant.

Beard Transplant is done by moving grafts from certain parts of the body to the beard.

As with Hair Transplant, Beard Transplant is done by FUE, DHI, or Robotic DHI techniques in 4-6 hours. During the procedure, which is done under local anesthesia, the grafts are transplanted individually in the beard. Usually, 1000-3000 grafts are used in order to guarantee the high density.

Since this procedure uses the patient’s own grafts, it is very safe and provides natural results. In addition, there are no stitches because there are no incisions during the procedure, so there will be no scars after it.

From Hair To The Beard!

Usually, the grafts are taken from the backside of the head or neck. This might make people ask some questions such as: Is the difference in the characteristics between beard’s hair and head’s hair is going to give unsuccessful results? There is no need to worry about this. When the grafts are transplanted in the beard, they will start to show the beard’s hair characteristics with time. The reason behind this is that the grafts take the characteristics of the area they are adapted into.

In addition, while selecting a donor area, experts select the parts that contain thick grafts, and they search for the grafts able to show characteristics once they are transplanted.

What Is Waiting For You After Beard Transplant?

There is no need to stay in the hospital after Beard Transplant. You can go back home in the same day.

Some redness and sensitivity may occur in your face after the procedure. In addition, the same symptoms may appear in the donor area. These are normal things and will disappear in a few days.

Experts will wash the treated area in the second or third day after the procedure. After washing, red blisters may appear in the transplanted area. These blisters will disappear during the first or second week after the procedure.

After 2-3 weeks of Beard Transplant, the beard may fall. This is a good sign, because the new beard that will grow will be permanent. Therefore, it is important to consider these things as natural phases of the procedure.

The beard takes its final shape in 6-9 months after the procedure.

Things To Do \ Things Not To Do After Beard Transplant.

You have finished Beard Transplant successfully, it is time for care, and here are some advices:

  • Use your medications regularly. Medications are usually painkillers and antibiotics to prevent infections.
  • Protect the transplanted area from any shocks.
  • Do not rub your face.
  • Do not use any chemical products on your face.
  • Do not shave after the procedure. After a period, you can use the razor or scissors, but do not use the blade.
  • Protect the transplanted area from sun. In the first weeks after the procedure, the exposure to sunlight will affect the recovery process negatively.
  • Since sweating affects the transplanted grafts, you have to avoid heavy activities. If you want to exercise, you have to wait for ten days after the procedure. You have to consider that in this time you can only exercise light sports only.

One of the important points you have to watch it is the sleeping position.

Pay Attention While Sleeping!

You have done Beard Transplant and you went back to your home. The first night is very important, you have to sleep with your head up. It is recommended to support your head with pillows. Keeping your head up will decrease the risk of bleeding and provide you a comfortable sleep.

In addition, it is very important to not sleep on your face to protect the transplanted area from shocks during sleep.

Pay Attention While Washing Your Face!

After the procedure and the first wash in the hospital, your doctor may tell you that you can wash your face. After Beard Transplant, you can notice redness in the transplanted area. This redness will turn into a peel with time, and you may want to remove this peel.

While washing the treated area, water’s temperature is very important. You should use warm water and the prescribed products. Avoid direct touch between water and your face, and make sure to wash all the products from your face. For this reason, you should wash your face carefully and slowly.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. As with Hair Transplant, the results are permanent. If you do not have health problems or any biological change in your body, the results will be permanent.
After two weeks of the procedure, the shock fall starts, and after one month, the new beard will start to grow.
No. Regardless of the general risks related to surgeries (allergy to anesthesia or anything similar), there are no side effects or risks related with Beard Transplant.
No. Beard Transplant is done by FUE, DHI, and Robotic DHI techniques. The grafts are collected individually from the donor area without making any incision, so there are no scars after the procedure neither in face or donor area.
No. It is not recommended to use any tobacco products for at least one week after the procedure. As long as you stay away from smoking, the recovery process will be easier and faster.


  • abbas abdalmalek

    25 January 2020 - 11:27

    Is the beard transplant painful at all? you know you do something on the face and this scares me offfff!!! one of my friends had berard transplant he told me that there is nothing worry about but i want to get an answer from you as a professional thanx in advance

    • Natural Hair Turkey

      28 January 2020 - 11:28

      Hello Abbas,

      Thanks for expressing your interest in Natural Hair Turkey.

      The beard transplant is performed under local anesthesia, therefore there is nothing worry about pain.

      For further information please feel free to contact us by the number +90 531 546 10 05, so that our medical consultant will contact you and provide you a free medical examination to clarify all the details of the condition.


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