Are hair transplant results permanent? | Here the answer

Join us to have more information about one of the most curious subjects in Hair Transplant, which is the question about if the results of Hair Transplant permanent!

Are You One Of The People Who Have Tried To Stop Hair Loss In Many Ways?

According to the American Hair Loss Association, the statistics of people who are suffering hair loss around the world are the following:

  • 25% of men suffer hair loss before 21 years.
  • Two thirds of men who are 35 years old suffer hair loss.
  • Although there is no significant hair loss, but 85% of men suffer hair loss.
  • 40% of women who reached 50 years old suffer hair loss.

According to this, hair loss has become a major problem, which many people want to get rid of it. Many people use medical products to stop hair loss, because they see this solution effective and not expensive. Regardless of the medical products, no matter if you have small or big hair loss, this problem leads people to wear hats or wigs.

Usually, people who had decided to undergo Hair Transplant have experienced many solutions before the procedure. But it is known that these methods only provide temporary solutions. That is the reason why Hair Transplant is the most effective solution nowadays.

Get Some Benefits From The Advanced Techniques.

The technical developments has grown up generally and in Hair Transplant field especially. Hair Transplant techniques has been developed, due to the increased interest in this procedure. Thanks to these techniques, which considers the patient’s comfort their priority, the procedure is painless, contains no mistakes, do not leave any scars, and it is done with a high success rate. Therefore, the results of Hair Transplant is not just successful, it is permanent if done by experts.

During the procedure, the extracted grafts from the backside of the head are transferred to the baldness area. The grafts will grow and continue their life cycle after the procedure, and the body will keep nourishing them and maintain their vitality. The reason behind the permanent results of Hair Transplant is the continuation of the grafts’ life cycle.

The New Hair Is Resistant To Hair Loss.

The collected grafts during the procedure are the grafts who are resistant to hair loss. You can think of it this way: these grafts kept the attachment to the scalp during hair loss, they will keep resisting the hair loss after moving to a new area in the head. Therefore, you do not need to worry about losing these grafts after transplanting them.

The New Hair Fights DHT (Dihydrotestosterone) Hormone.

DHT (Dihydrotestosterone), is the most known reason behind male hair loss, which occurs with aging and it also affects women. DHT is from androgen, it is related with gender and gender characteristics. Many hair loss treatments depends on controlling the DHT hormone level.

This hormone, which leads to hair loss, do not affect these grafts due to their resisting structure. Therefore, if you did not face an unusual accident, and if you did not have a sudden change in your health, or if you did not have a chronic disease such as diabetes, your hair will stay with you forever.

Do Not Let The Excessive Hair Loss Phase Fool You!

In the excessive hair loss phase, which is two months after Hair Transplant, all the transplanted hair may fall. This type of hair loss may take two weeks, it is temporary and natural.

It is important to consider this phase as a part of the procedure. People who do not know all stages of the procedure may think the results are not permanent, but the reality is completely different.

Some medical treatments may be effective, it is not wrong to say that Hair Transplant is not the only solution that gives permanent results. Therefore, you do not need to worry about hair loss after Hair Transplant. Remember, the success of the procedure and the continuation of the results depends on the doctor’s experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Hair Transplant is a very effective solution for hair loss. It is possible to get results from medical and aesthetical methods, but you cannot get permanent results such as Hair Transplant results.
No. DHT hormone do not affect the transplanted grafts. Because these grafts are resistant to hair loss and DHT hormone. In this procedure, the grafts are taken from the backside of the head to the baldness area.
Yes. The new-transplanted hair will have the same characteristics as the natural hair, and it will maintain its vitality as long as you did not have any abnormal health condition.
Yes. This is very normal. After two months of the procedure, there is a phase that lasts for two weeks, during this phase, the transplanted hair will fall and grow up again in a short time.
Yes. As with all Hair Transplant stages, the selection of the expert affects the results. There is no reason for not having a permanent result of Hair Transplant done by an expert using the latest techniques.


  • Robert Camus

    25 January 2020 - 11:16

    greetings i lost my hair at very early age like 20 and im 25 years old now and finnaly treat this problem from root wirh hair transplantation. this article sounded interesting because im so young and if i have hair transplant i want to be sure that it will last long even for a life time so is it possible for me to get a hair transplant with permanent result waiting for ypur answer

    • Natural Hair Turkey

      28 January 2020 - 11:31

      Hello Robert,

      Thanks for expressing your interest in Natural Hair Turkey.

      The hair transplant surgery results are permanent. For further information please feel free to contact us by the number +90 531 546 10 05, so that our medical consultant will contact you and provide you a free medical examination to clarify all the details of the condition.


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