Curly Hair Transplant | All you want to know

Since hair transplant is the most permanent and effective solution for all types of hair loss, many people with different kinds of hair would like to take advantage of this treatment. 

Hair structure varies and as you can guess, this makes the hair transplant procedures vary. And, of course, it causes to arouse curiosity about whether a hair transplant is possible or not, for the other hair types apart from straight hair, especially for curly hair. 

Let’s look closer at hair transplant for the curly hair transplant operation.

Is it possible to perform a hair transplant for curly hair?

Curly hair is a complex entity, which is different from the straight type. So, it has some typical features such as low density (smaller number of follicular units) and black color. Besides, curly hair’s follicles situate parallel to the skin surface contrary to the straight hair. 

On the outside of the curly hair structure, identifying the cause of hair loss problem on the people with curly hair is much more difficult by comparison with the ones with straight hair. Most of them suffer from centrifugal alopecia, androgenic alopecia or traction alopecia. Treating these diseases inquire for experienced surgeons. 

Come to the question; it is possible to get a hair transplant for curly hair in case your operation is guided by a qualified surgeon. 

As well known, any type of hair loss can be treated through a hair transplant, no matter what type of hair. For curly hair transplant, providing more coverage is feasible because curly hair can create an illusion of fuller and thick hair in the bald area by covering the whole scalp with the help of a smaller number of follicles & grafts. So, the surgeon can transplant fewer grafts to have density. In addition to this, fewer grafts mean less trauma, shorter operation duration, and faster recovery process.  

However, curly hair transplant is different from ordinary transplant operation in many ways. 

Which method is suitable for curly hair transplant?

As mentioned above, contrary to regular hair, curly hair has a little number of follicular units per square is, however it has a vast amount of hair per follicular unit. Because of that, a hair transplant surgeon can provide denser hair easily without transferring too many follicular units. 

However, curly hair follicles- confined with tough tissue, makes it harder to harvest follicular units without any damage, compared to individuals with straight hair. Some of the surgeons, use microscopes along with extremely delicate handling not to harm grafts. Besides curly hair structure necessitates creating a larger recipient site than in regular hair operation while more caution is required during the process. 

For all of these reasons, it is quite important to select the most suitable method for curly hair transplant. Some surgeons defend that FUT (Follicular Unit Transplantation) is the ideal surgical technique. In this method, rather than harvesting hair follicles one by one, a strip of scalp tissue is harvested, and through this method, the procedure takes less time. 

The other surgeons, who describe FUT as an old-fashion, prefer FUE (Follicular Unit Extraction) for curly hair transplant. With the FUE method, the extraction of hair follicles can be carried out more easily even that curly hair has twists and turns. 

Besides, Micro Graft FUE hair transplant is known as the best-suited technique for curly hair. Via this technique, smaller units of follicles are harvested with specialized small punching tools and transferred to bald areas again and again. It gives almost no surgical damage and scarring, because of that, the results seem quite natural.

Curly hair after hair transplant: How will your hair look? 

As explained in detail before, curly hair regrows as well as regular hair, after a hair transplant surgery: The transplanted hair gets the same characteristics with the original hair in the scalp, in time. 

After a curly hair transplant operation, the normal healing process is undergone and after this time there is no obstacle not to receive the desired result. So, within a year the whole scalp is covered with original-looking transplanted hair.  

Curly hair transplant operation in Turkey. 

The surgeon you’ll select should be aware of the differences between hair transplant operations performed according to hair types, and she/he should approach the case with the knowledge of clinical characteristics of curly hair. For instance, people with curly hair at a higher risk of keloid information. The challenges related to curly hair only can be overcome by choosing the right surgeon. At this point, selecting a surgeon & clinic comes into prominence. 

Turkey has worldwide prestige, especially in the hair transplant field. So, each year numerous successful operations are performed in Turkey, and the curly hair transplant process is one of these operations. On top of it, these operations are given to patients under reasonable-price packages including accommodation, VIP local transfer, pre & post-operative care, and follow up. 

Apart from these, the surgeons who work in Turkey, have lots of experience because they’ve been performing a great deal of hair transplant surgery so far. After deciding to get treatment for curly hair, think about Turkey to make a wise selection.

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