In consultation with an experienced doctor for hair transplantation, one of the most commonly asked questions is: “What is the right age for a hair transplant?”

Patients in any age range reasonably doubt whether they are too young or too old for the hair  transplantation operation. The young adults are not sure whether the roots are advanced enough to allow transplantation. In the case of the old age problems, the underlying health issues may prevent the operation throughout. Then, what is the ideal age for a hair transplant? And most importantly, does it make a difference?

What is Hair Loss?

Male-pattern baldness results from a body gene that converts large amounts of testosterone into DHT (dihydrotestosterone). At some point, hair loss occurs in 60-80 percent of all males, and 4-8 percent of women. This cycle of balding originates from genetic causes. People inherit the inclination of any one of their parents to lose hair. This is transmitted through their genes. While their parents have full heads of hair, they may even have this tendency. This is attributed to a cycle of random mutation.

Men may have higher insecurities on how others view them, both physically and intellectually. Any apparently visible defect will change the way men interact with others. It may be a really vulnerable period.

What Is the Best Age for Hair Transplant Operation?

Informative data released by the International Society of Hair Restoration Surgery states that the number of men and women undergoing hair transplant procedures has increased. As the new and innovative technology develops, the trust for the hair transplantation rises. Therefore, not only men but also women decide to apply for the operation.

Where surgical hair transplants are concerned, patients typically vary from 21 to 80. However, for certain situations, medical professionals will encourage young people to wait for a hair transplant until they reach 30 years old. Then again, not all patients may qualify for the procedure correctly.

How Old is Really Old for Hair Transplantation?

Scientifically, there is no necessity to discuss the possibilities or uncertainties about whether there is a right age for the hair transplant operation. Suppose the patients have enough donor areas and do not have any underlying health problems. In that case, they are the right candidate for surgery. That is why any consenting patient who is entirely notified about the surgery can undergo a hair transplant operation. In the broadest sense, there unquestionably is no right age for a hair transplant.

Who Gets Better Results?

In the lack of specific safety problems such as diabetes or long-standing adverse health habits such as cigarette smoking, elderly people can be as good as young patients. Hair transplants are relatively minimally invasive and tolerated. Operations are very robust and appear to survive in almost any environment. They do not mind if the scalp is old or young. When extracted and implanted by a professional team, transplants will root and expand.

Most clinicians claim that a patient under the age of 25 years is too young for transplantation. This will not be a problem as long as the longer term is considered and is thus prepared. When a young patient understands this and embraces a strategic plan, it does not really matter whether they initiate hair transplantation. Obviously, very young people are dissuaded from surgery occasionally. Suppose the surgeon cannot persuade the patient to commit to a rational long-term strategy, even if they are too young to consent. In that case, it is likely to be someone too young to be eligible for a procedure. At our hospital, we have performed hair transplants on patients who suffer from different types of alopecia, patients with defects or scars, or patients with classic genetic patterned hair loss despite being very young. Again, it comes down to an educated patient partnering with a conscientious specialist on a long-term strategy.

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