Hair Transplant using body hair | How is it done?

Body Hair Transplant is a very important development for people who want to get new and healthy hair but they do not have enough grafts in the head.

Let us take a look on this procedure, which is the hope of many people.

What Is Body Hair Transplant?

As it shows in the procedure’s name, the body hair is used except the head. The aim of this procedure is to provide a new appearance for people by eliminating the problem of not having enough grafts in the head.

For Body Hair Transplant, the hair existed in these areas can be used:

  • Chest
  • Arm
  • Leg
  • Back
  • Shoulder
  • Abdomen

The chest is the first alternative for the head in case of Body Hair Transplant. Because the chest’s hair is similar to head’s hair in appearance and structure. If the chest is not suitable to be a donor area, it is possible to use the back as one.

Regardless of these facts, it is possible to choose other areas of the body if they have healthy grafts for the procedure. While selecting the donor area, having a comfortable recovery process is considered. As we know, the recovery process after Hair Transplant means the donor area gets the taken hair back and the scalp reaches a good health condition. Therefore, the donor area should not affect the patient’s comfort during the recovery process.

In Which Conditions Body Hair Is Used In Hair Transplant?

  • If there is no donor area in the head.
  • If grafts are not enough or weak in the head.
  • If the patient has underwent Hair Transplant before, and the transplanted grafts were not enough or low in quality.
  • If the patient wants to remove scars after a failed Hair Transplant.

If the patient is suffering any of these conditions, it is possible to use body hair in the procedure.

Who Are The Suitable Candidates For Body Hair Transplant?

People whom their body hair is similar to head’s hair in characteristics can undergo Body Hair Transplant. Therefore, we can say men are more suitable than women for this procedure due to their high hair density in the body.

The Applied Techniques In Body Hair Transplant.

The applied techniques in Body Hair Transplant are not different from the normal Hair Transplant. But the procedure needs experience and proper care.

In Hair Transplant, the donor area is anesthetized with local anesthesia and the grafts are taken without damaging the healthy ones, and then the extracted grafts are transplanted under local anesthesia.

FUE and DHI are the most preferred techniques. In case of using one of these techniques, needles with 0.75-1 mm are used in the collecting phase from the body. These needles are used because body hair is thicker than head’s hair.

Body hair is more curly and thicker than head’s hair. Therefore, these concerns do not reflect the reality, because the grafts take their characteristics from their place in the body. The thin grafts in the chest take the characteristics of normal hair after transplanting them in the head.

The Experts Choice In Body Hair Transplant.

Hair Transplant using body hair shows different advantages from normal Hair Transplant. Experts in Hair Transplant are the only people who can analyze these advantages.

Selecting the donor area, the successful extract of grafts with high quality is very important. The expert can give people the opportunity to reach the desired result. Therefore, it is important to have an expert in Body Hair Transplant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. It is possible to undergo Hair Transplant. You can get the grafts from some body parts.
It is possible to use chest, back, arms, legs, shoulders, and abdomen as a donor area. The expert can select which of these parts are suitable for the procedure through evaluations.
Yes. After Body Hair Transplant, the grafts will take the characteristics of head’s hair. Therefore, you do not need to worry about your new hair appearance.
The procedure is based on moving the healthy grafts to the head. If there is no enough grafts in the body, it is not possible to undergo the procedure. Since most women do not have enough hair in their bodies, Body Hair Transplant is not a good option for women.
Hair Transplant expert is very important in Body Hair Transplant procedures. This procedure requires more sensitivity than normal Hair Transplant, in order to avoid any damage to the donor and the transplanted area, the expert performing this procedure should have enough experience.

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