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What Is Afro Hair Transplant?

It is a Hair Transplant procedure that takes into consideration the personal characteristics for people from different ethnic origins.

It is not possible to expect people having the same hair type around the globe. Therefore, it is normal to have differences in hair types. These differences are crucial and very important in Hair Transplant.

We can mention these differences this way:

Ethnic Group Hair Growth Speed Hair Density
African Slow Low
Asian Fast Medium
Caucasian Medium High

Realizing these differences is very important to achieve successful results in Hair Transplant.

Let Us Have A Closer Look At Curly Hair.

Afro hair has intense curls. Therefore, care of afro hair is completely different, starting from the comb to care products.

Moreover, there are common hair loss types between all ethnicities. Especially, people with afro hair suffer a problem known as “Traction Alopecia” which leads to hair loss on the front of the head. In addition to genetic characteristics, people with afro hair can braid their hair strongly, which can lead to hair loss.

For these issues, many people prefer Hair Transplant because it is a permanent solution. Hair Transplant is a procedure built on personal characteristics, especially curly Hair Transplant. Afro hair in its nature can cause some difficulties in Hair Transplant. Regardless of the known techniques such as FUT, FUE, DHI, or Robotic DHI can be applied on afro hair, but they should be performed very well. (For more information about Hair Transplant techniques, you can check our article “What Is The Best Hair Transplant Technique For You? FUE, FUT, or DHI?

Afro hair is curly in its outer appearance and inner tissues as well, which means grafts are curly as well. The curly grafts cover more space in the scalp than straight hair. Therefore, afro hair has an important density. It is possible to transplant other hair types with high density, but not in afro hair.

Curly Hair Angles Vary From Straight Hair.

The angle of afro hair grafts varies from other hair types. For this reason, the doctor should give more care for people with afro hair, regardless of the known techniques for the procedure, it should be done in a suitable way for the patient’s personal characteristics.

Before Afro Hair Transplant, the patient’s hair should be analyzed and the percentage of curl should be evaluated as well. After this evaluation, the doctor should set a plan for Hair Transplant according to the natural appearance and according the hair growth angle.

If Afro Hair Transplant was not planned well, the grafts close to each other with different angles can be damaged and become intertwined, especially in the grafts’ extraction. Therefore, sometimes the patient cannot get the desired results.

It is very important to act according to the angle of grafts not only in the grafts’ extraction, also when starting the transplant. When Hair Transplant is not done according to the hair’s angle, the results will appear abnormal and affect the success of the procedure negatively.

Selecting Afro Hair Transplant Technique.

Nowadays, it is more preferred to use FUE, DHI, and Robotic DHI techniques in Hair Transplant. The same thing goes in Afro Hair Transplant, there is no different method for Afro Hair Transplant. It is important to know that afro hair grafts are placed differently and dealing with these grafts is highly sensitive.

If needed, thicker needles are used in Afro Hair Transplant, the reason behind this choice is grafts are curly and it is not possible to transplant these grafts with thin needles.

Selecting A Specialist For Afro Hair Transplant Is Very Important.

Regardless of hair type and the applied technique, experts should perform the procedure. This is also important in Afro Hair Transplant.

As we mentioned before, Afro Hair Transplant requires proper care. Hair type shows curl characteristics, and the difference in grafts’ angle makes it difficult to perform Hair Transplant. Therefore, if you have curly hair, you should select Hair Transplant expert carefully. At this stage, it is recommended to select experts who has the ability to deal with different hair types. You should consider that clinics that perform procedures for patients’ from around the globe has enough experience.

Frequently Asked Questions

It is a Hair Transplant procedure done by considering the different characteristics of hair types. Afro Hair Transplant is one of the procedures that are done according to the personal characteristics of the patient.
Yes. Hair Transplant is possible for people with curly hair. Curly Hair Transplant was performed many years ago around the world.
The most important difference in Afro Hair Transplant is the planning before the procedure. Afro hair has different characteristics that affect the procedure completely. There are important factors such as the afro hair grafts are bigger and more sensitive, there is a need for different sizes of needles in the transplanting phase, and the grafts’ growth is slower than other hair types.
No. Afro Hair Transplant is done with the known techniques FUT, FUE, DHI, and Robotic DHI, which are used frequently in Hair Transplant. Therefore, these techniques are combined together in Afro Hair Transplant with more care, and the expert performing this procedure should have very good experience.
Yes. If the procedure was performed with proper care, and by an experienced expert, you can get successful results.


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