Hair Transplant on scar tissue | Is it possible to be done?

Many people may have small or big scars on their faces or heads. Due to an accident or a procedure. These scars may annoy people aesthetically, regardless of their size.

Besides the aesthetic concerns, people need information about if these scars are obstacles for Hair Transplant and about the possibility of this procedure in order to hide scars.

We have written this article in order to provide you this information.

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What Is Hair Transplant On Scars?

Many people who suffer hair loss in their heads, beards, mustaches, eyebrows want to find a permanent solution for this problem. Some people think scars and damaged tissues in the head or face will hinder the procedure. Therefore, the facts are different!

The important developments in the Hair Transplant field gave people the maximum advantage of this procedure. In the past, it was certain to have scars after Hair Transplant, with different effects such as stitches and incisions in the head or face. But the developments we mentioned had created new methods that give the ability to perform painless procedures, without stitches, wounds, or scars.

Thanks to these developments, it is possible to hide scars, wounds, and burns in the head or face, by performing Hair Transplant, Beard Transplant, Mustache Transplant, and Eyebrows Transplant.

Hair Transplant as A Restorative Procedure.

Having a big scar on the head or face affects people negatively, which leads them to try to hide these scars. These scars might be a result of the previous Hair Transplant procedure, which is not used nowadays. Big scars prevent the growth of grafts in their area. People aim to eliminate this problem by undergoing a Hair Transplant.

While moving healthy grafts to the scars areas, these areas’ appearance gets improved significantly, and these scars can be hidden completely. Hair Transplant results on big scars are very successful. Especially if burns cause these scars, the success rate, in this case, is double, due to the low depth of the scars caused by burns.

The reason behind the success of the procedure on big scars is because the transplanted area is suitable for the procedure. Hair Transplant on small scars contains many difficulties. The accurate performance of the advanced techniques is enough to eliminate these difficulties.

What Are The Used Techniques In Hair Transplant On Scars?

FUT, FUE, DHI, and Robotic DHI are used in Hair Transplant for a long time. FUT is the oldest technique, and it is not preferred nowadays because it causes incisions and stitches after the procedure. Since the grafts are extracted with the skin, and then the tissues are stitched in the head, we can say that some scars in the backside of the head are because of the FUT technique. Many people aim to eliminate these scars caused by the FUT technique with a new Hair Transplant.

Regardless of the FUT technique, FUE, DHI, and Robotic DHI guarantee successful results in hiding the scars. These techniques are successful in hiding scars on eyebrows, mustache, and beard caused by different accidents.

While performing Hair Transplant on scars, the procedure is different from normal Hair Transplant. The healthy grafts are collected one by one from the donor area and then transplanted in the scalp individually. Besides the procedure, it is possible to have a PRP session according to the doctor’s opinion, in order to have regular blood flow.

Hair Transplant on scars is harder than Hair Transplant on soft skin. Because wounds cause poor blood circulation, and scars structure is harder than normal tissues. In this case, Hair Transplant expert should have a very good experience and perform the procedure carefully. The expert should deal with deep scars carefully, especially the puffy ones.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Thanks to the techniques used today, it is possible to perform Hair Transplant on scars. The scar is not an obstacle anymore for Hair Transplant. Therefore, Hair Transplant is useful for the patient and decreases the scars.
Yes. It is possible to hide the damage caused by burns with Hair Transplant. Since the scars are not deep in the skin, it is possible to perform Hair Transplant successfully.
Yes. In this case, Hair Transplant can be a restorative procedure. FUE, DHI, and Robotic DHI techniques are used in this procedure.
It is possible to perform restorative procedures, in which Hair Transplant is done on the wounds safely with qualified experts.
Yes. Beard Transplant is a permanent and effective solution to eliminate such problems.

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