Why your hair is falling out? : Causes of hair loss

Scientists deem that losing 50-100 hair a day is natural. There is no way to figure out how many grafts you have lost in your daily life, but you may notice something unusual and take the necessary precautions. Hair loss may occur for many reasons that cause simple to complicated hair loss.

As with all health problems, solving the problem requires determining the reasons first. At this stage, it is important to figure out the reasons of hair loss.

These are the possible reasons for hair loss:

The Genetic Factors Might Be The Reason Behind Hair Loss.

Hair loss may be related to genetic factors. If there is a history for hair loss in your family, it is possible to face hair loss in your life. After adulthood finishes, the hormonal changes will motivate the responsible gene for hair loss.

Hair loss, which occurs regardless of sex “male hair loss” and causes permanent baldness, is transferred by genetic factors, this problem can be only solved with Hair Transplant. The same for female hair loss, it happens due to the transition of mother’s genetic characteristics, it leads to full baldness. The most effective solution for this type of hair loss is Hair Transplant.

Hormonal Changes May Cause Hair Loss.

It is possible to suffer hair loss during teenage hood, pregnancy, or menopause, when the hormonal changes are severe. Hair loss that occurs at these periods is one of hair loss types that happens due to stress. The changes in hormones levels usually causes stress. If you have been through these periods and did not suffer permanent hair loss, your hair will grow again after finishing the hormonal changes period. At this stage, age factor is very important.

You Might Be Suffering Excessive Stress.

The Telogen Effluvium hair loss occurs due to excessive stress. Grafts cannot complete their natural life cycle because of excessive stress, the last phase of their life cycle lasts permanently. We can consider this type of hair loss a natural reaction from the body when it feels excessive stress.

The new scientific studies found many results that proves the connection between hair loss and stress. One of these studies found out working for long hours doubles the risk of permanent hair loss. (https://www.thesun.co.uk/news/10188706/working-long-hours-increases-risk-bald/), as you see, hair loss depends on many different reasons.

You May Be Not Getting Enough Protein.

If you do not get enough protein in your nutrition system, your body will try to compensate this lack by stopping hair growth. This type of hair loss is not permanent and can be stopped by consuming protein.

You May Be Consuming Vitamin A Excessively.

Vitamin A is recommended to prevent hair loss, but if you consumer it excessively, it might give you an opposite effect. In this case, vitamin A becomes a reason behind hair loss. It is possible to control this type of hair loss if you stop consuming vitamin A.

You Might Have Lack Of Vitamin B.

The lack of vitamin B is a reason for hair loss. Vitamin B supplements provides balance in the body. Moreover, it is better to consult a doctor before taking medications or vitamin supplements.

You Might Have Lack Of Iron.

Lack of iron occurs especially with women after they reach 20. Even if this case is not dangerous, but it leads to hair loss. In this case, consulting a doctor and using vitamins and iron-rich supplements can solve the problem.

You Might Have A Disease Related To Thyroid.

If the body did not produce thyroid hormone enough or produce it excessively this will lead to hair loss. By balancing the thyroid hormone, it is possible to eliminate hair loss.

Sudden Weight Changes May Cause Hair Loss.

It is possible to consider the effects caused by weight loss as a shock to the metabolism, and it may lead to hair loss. Consuming unhealthy food, severe diet, lack of vitamins and minerals and losing weight in a fast way creates an appropriate environment for hair loss. This type of hair loss can be permanent or temporary. If it is temporary, and you reached a reasonable weight, hair loss will stop in six months and hair will start to grow again. If it is permanent, Hair Transplant is the only solution.

The Medications You Are Using May Affect You Negatively.

The medications you may be using for chronic diseases might have some side effects that causes hair loss. Especially blood transfusions, blood pressure medications, and antidepressants contains some ingredients that leads to hair loss. In this case, consult your doctor and run an evaluation for your medications.

Frequently Asked Questions

No. In addition to genetic hair loss, hormonal changes, stress, hormonal changes, and lack of vitamins may cause hair loss. In order to get specific information at this stage, you have to run the necessary tests in the hospital.
Hormonal changes during pregnancy affect the grafts directly. This may lead to hair loss. Many pregnant women may face this situation. Hair loss during pregnancy may be permanent or temporary. Hair Transplant is an effective solution if the results are permanent.
Yes. Hyperthyroidism can affect the life cycle of grafts negatively and cause hair loss. Your doctor will help you with the medications you are using in order to get rid of this problem.
Hair loss is permanent or temporary, it can be determined by medical examination. A complete test includes blood tests.
Baldness may occur for genetic reasons. Therefore, if elder people in your family are suffering from this problem, this means you may face this problem even if not in its complete shape.

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