Are Breast Augmentation Results Permanent?

Breast augmentation, which allows significant changes in the shape and size of the breast, is known for its high success rate. Therefore, breast augmentation is the most preferred surgery in the world. Do the results of this process help to improve the shape of the breast and increase women’s self-confidence? Let’s see!

How long do breast augmentation results last?

Breast augmentation can be performed in two different ways. First, by placing the filling in the breast tissue. The second is by transferring fat taken from the patient’s body to the breast area. It is possible also to use both methods in the same process.  We can say that the duration of the results in each method is different.

Let’s take a closer look at these breast augmentation techniques:

Breast augmentation using fillings: Two types of fillings are used: Silicone and Saline. These fillings have different shapes: “round and drop”.

Breast enlargement by using implants, provides highly effective solutions for patients.

Breast augmentation is the first choice, especially when the size and shape required big changes. Thus, the desired results can be obtained by implanting fillings.

The fillings are usually last between 10 to 20 years, however, this is directly related to the quality of the material from which the fillings are made. If the fillings are of high quality and approved by healthcare institutions, the results will last longer.

Another factor determining the age of these fillings and the results of the breast augmentation process besides the quality, is the patient’s desire. Patients who have had a breast augmentation may want to repeat the procedure to form the breast again.

Breast augmentation using fat injection: the breast augmentation by fat transfer is a very safe process but its results last less than the results of fillings. Although this technique helps to enlarge the breast naturally, the body can absorb a part of the transferred fat after the operation but the breast will not return to its previous state before the operation in terms of shape and size and the results will last for a long period of time.

The initial results that you see are not the permanent results of the process.

You did a breast augmentation and your breast got the new look! In this period, a slight swelling and redness in the treated area may occur. It is possible to not get the full expected results from the initial results because the swelling that appears immediately after breast augmentation may mislead you in terms of results. Changes in the breast after this period may make you feel that the results of the operation are not permanent. But this is not true. As with all cosmetic procedures, after a certain period of time, the actual result will appear and this result will remain for a long time.

What should you do to make the results of breast augmentation permanent?

It’s up to you to get the best results of breast enlargement. The selection of experienced specialists in their fields who achieved great results in previous operations, the selection of a health center that keeps pace with technological developments, and the adherence to doctor’s instructions after the operation will ensure the best results of breast augmentation process. It is up to you to get a permanent result of the process.

Before breast augmentation, besides choosing an experienced cosmetic surgeon, another factor that affects the continuity of the procedure results is the characteristics of the fillings that will be used during the procedure. It is important that the fillings are approved by health institutions. Some filler brands offer patients a guarantee that they will provide new fillings free of charge in case of any change. It is recommended to select high quality implants not just to get a good shape, but also to ensure the continuity of results.

It is also very important to follow the doctor’s instructions after breast augmentation. Many studies have shown that “conscious” massage after breast augmentation has an important effect in achieving a natural appearance and recovering quickly. At this stage, you need to adhere to the doctor’s instructions, and any desired breast change should be done by a specialist. Touching the breast after the operation is not recommended.

Regardless the technique of breast augmentation (by filling or fat transfer), it is recommended to examine your breast using MRI at regular intervals – once or twice a year – and conduct a thorough examination of your overall health. This is recommended not only for women who have had breast augmentation, but for all women

Frequently Asked Questions

Breast fillings are known to be between 10 and 20 years old. Of course, this may vary depending on the quality of the implant.
Yes. You can remove and replace the implant if you need to. It is not a requirement that this be done by the surgeon who performed the first operation.
After breast augmentation by fat transfer, the body can absorb some of the transferred fat.
The choice of doctor affects all cosmetic surgeries and is of great importance in breast augmentation. Doctors determine the results of breast augmentation as well as the quality of the implants that directly affect the continuity of results.
No. Immediately after the procedure, swelling may mislead the patient regarding breast size. After a few weeks of operation, you can reach the actual result. This result lasts a long time and no change occurs.

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