Does Breast Augmentation Cause Cancer? | Get the Answer

Breast Augmentation operations, which improves the size and shape, raised many concerns especially since 1960s when it started. The concerns about if Breast Augmentation causes cancer are still alive until this day.

Let us have a look in detail on Breast Augmentation, which is performed on 400000 women each year.

Where Did The Relationship Between Breast Augmentation And Cancer Come From?

Until 2000, there was an opinion says there is there is no harm of Breast Augmentation with silicone. But at 2000, the FDA published a report rejecting this opinion. According to this report, the silicone implants made by unsuitable material for the body has exploded under the tissues, which caused damage to people.

After the recent technological developments and scientific studies, these silicone implants are replaced with implants more suitable for health, but the accidents in the last years have shown a connection between Breast Augmentation and cancer. Today, the fifth generation implants are used in Breast Augmentation. These implants are capable of maintaining their shape for a long time, it is non-deformable, the risk of fluid leakage is very low, and it has no expiration day.

Apart from all this, there is no evidence that Breast Augmentation material (silicone implants) which are produced on today’s technology are harmful for humans.

Another reason for the relationship between Breast Augmentation and cancer is a type of cancer that does not occur a lot.

The Involved Type Of Cancer: Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma (BIA-ALCL)

Anaplastic Large Cell Lymphoma, it is a cancer that destroys the immune system, it is known as BIA-ALCL, it does not belong to the category of breast cancer. But it is possible to notice its symptoms in the surrounding tissue of breast implants.

Many doctors agree that the risk of BIA-ALCL is very low considering the number of cosmetic procedures, and it is easy to eliminate it quickly in case of early diagnosis.

In this regard, a study conducted in Australia has shown that one type of solid breast implants can cause damage. Therefore, it is not logical to judge all implant types as causing cancer.

In addition, there is no single study shows that this type of cancer is related to Breast Augmentation. In fact, the risk of having any health problem related to Breast Augmentation is 1/25000.

Let Us Evaluate Breast Augmentation In Detail.

Breast fillings are medical materials filled with gel or liquid and developed specifically for this procedure, it is placed in the breast to cure the aesthetical defects after accidents. There are many types of implants, the circular and the teardrop are the most preferred.

In order to perform a successful Breast Augmentation, the implants should be consisted of materials that are suitable for skin tissues, and it should be developed to protect it from any leakage. Health institutions set standards for fillings such as silicone and brine. It is important to be aware of the standards set by these institutions.

In order to get rid of your concerns about Breast Augmentation, it is enough to select the hospital and the surgeon carefully before the procedure. And it is important to communicate very well with your doctor before the procedure.

In addition, if you have any concerns about the procedure, you can ask your doctor the following questions:

  • Are the used fillings compliance with the medical standards?
  • Do the fillings have European Conformity certificate?
  • Are the materials inside the fillings conform to safety standards?
  • Do the fillings have a warranty certificate?

In addition to these questions, your doctor will ask you to do X-RAY to the breast as a routine examination before the procedure. If there are any symptoms before the procedure, it is possible to avoid the risk.

Are There Any Concerns Of Breast Fat Injection?

The relationship between Breast Augmentation and cancer is based on the fillings type. Therefore, it is not possible to speak about any negative opinion in the medical world about Breast Augmentation with the patient’s own fat.

Do You Really Have To Worry?

If you are going to undergo a surgery, the results of scientific studies must be crucial for you. The argument that says Breast Augmentation causes cancer is not proved by the mentioned scientific studies. Therefore, it is not correct to say Breast Augmentation causes cancer directly.

Follow Up The Changes Happening In Your Body

As with all cosmetic procedures, if you have noticed any abnormal symptoms in the recovery process after the procedure, it is important to call your doctor. The temporary pain, bruises, are some of the known side effects of Breast Augmentation. You do not have to worry about any of these side effects.

Therefore, you should follow up the changes happening in your body after Breast Augmentation, which is considered more safe than most of cosmetic procedures.

Frequently Asked Questions

There is no scientific research proved that Breast Augmentation is dangerous.
There is no direct connection between Breast Augmentation and cancer. Therefore, in peoples’ minds, this relationship was made due to wrong ideas and the accidents in the last years.
There are two types of fillings, silicone filling and brine filling. Both of them are safe if made under the standards. You can decide which type is safer for you with your doctor.
The accurate selection of the hospital and the doctor is important to reduce risks. Therefore, you should be aware of this issue and never hesitate to call your doctor in order to get the information you need.
No, since the used fat are taken from the patient’s own fat, the procedure has no risks.

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