What are the rhinoplasty techniques and approaches?

Rhinoplasty is a surgical procedure that provides very effective and permanent solutions for the functional defect and aesthetical appearance in the nose. Do you know the applied techniques in this procedure? Which is the choice of many people.

What Are The Techniques Of Rhinoplasty?

Rhinoplasty, which requires a specific and personal treatment plan, is done by three main techniques.

These techniques are:

The open techniques:

In this technique, a small incision is made V shaped in the barrier of the nasal holes. The nasal defects are corrected through this incision. With this technique, the doctor can reach all tissues, bones, and cartilages in the nose very accurately. Therefore, the procedure will be done as planned before. It is not wrong to say that Open Rhinoplasty provides many advantages for the doctor. With Open Rhinoplasty, people may have some concerns of having a scar in the nose due the incision. But thanks to the advanced technologies and expert doctors, all defects can be hidden according to the natural curves of the nose.

When Is It Preferable To Undergo Open Rhinoplasty?

Doctors prefer this technique if:

  • There are signs of Secondary Rhinoplasty.
  • There is a large defect in the nasal tip.
  • There is a large defect or curve in the nasal bones.

What Are The Advantages Of Open Rhinoplasty?

With Open Rhinoplasty, the doctor can examine cartilages, flaccid tissues, and bones clearly, and can provide complete surgical intervention with direct vision. In addition, Open Rhinoplasty gives the ability of making big changes in the nose.

With this technique, the doctor can perform the procedure accurately, see the nose’s elements closely, and get complete information about the amount of cartilages. Moreover, it gives the possibility to avoid any unsuccessful results such as sagging nose tip caused by excessive cartilage removal. Thanks to this technique, no problems may happen in the nose symmetry.

Generally, surgeons prefer Open Rhinoplasty, and the reason is quite obvious!

The Closed Technique:

Unlike the open technique, in this technique, the incision is made through nasal holes. Therefore, there are no incisions outside the nose. Compared with open technique, this method is harder to perform and requires considerable experience from the doctor. By the Closed Rhinoplasty, it is possible to get rid of the problems related to bones, cartilages, nasal tip, and many other problems, under local or general anesthesia in 1.5 hours approximately.

When Is It Preferable To Undergo Rhinoplasty With Closed Technique?

Doctors prefer this technique when the patient does not need to make big changes. But the closed technique used to treat small defects may not be appropriate for complicated nose surgeries. Moreover, if there is a possibility to perform a Secondary Rhinoplasty, this technique cannot be used.

What Are The Advantages Of Closed Rhinoplasty?

The surgeries done by this technique leave a good impression to many people. Thanks to this technique, there are no scars, and many people prefer it recently.

With Closed Rhinoplasty, an incision is made through nasal holes, which keeps skin and tissues away from any damage. In addition, nasal bone can be reshaped without breaking. The recovery process is faster and shorter, and the risk of having edema or bruises around the eyes is low.

Tip Plasty:

This technique involves only reshaping the nasal tip and septum, not all the nose’s elements. Both techniques can be used for this procedure as well.

These technologies evolve daily. The most appropriate technique for you that provides your desires and expectations can be determined when you visit the doctor.

Is It Possible To Have A Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty?

Contrary to what is customary, it is possible to correct the nose defects without a surgery. Medical fillings are usually used in such cases. With these fillings, all defects can be eliminated and the nose’s shape can be corrected.

The non-surgical rhinoplasty procedures are:

  • Filler Rhinoplasty.
  • Rhinoplasty Botox Filler.
  • Nose Thread Lift.

Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty procedures cannot treat the functional problems, but they make the aesthetical correction possible.

In addition, Non-Surgical Rhinoplasty can be done for experimental purpose before performing the surgeries that give permanent results.

What Is The Importance Of Choosing The Appropriate Technique In Rhinoplasty?

Since beauty is something relative, many people expect big results from Rhinoplasty, it is very important to know how the nose will be shaped, which affects the external appearance very much. At this stage, the applied technique is very important. It can be determined according to the individual properties of the patients, their needs, and desires.

In addition, to get successful results, the doctor should have a considerable experience in this field.

Do You Know The Current Techniques Of Rhinoplasty?

As with all cosmetic surgeries, there is a continuous development in Rhinoplasty techniques. Thanks to these techniques, it is possible to apply the planned changes more accurate and successful.

The biggest innovation in Rhinoplasty is the used tools during the procedure. These tools are updated in order to prevent surrounding tissues damage, and perform many procedures that cannot be performed by the old tools. These tools can be used to perform accurate surgeries on bones and cartilages. In this way, incisions are less, which decreases the risk of having scars, and the side effects such as bruises.

Another development has occurred in Rhinoplasty field, which is the tissues can be used while closing the incision. In this case, the risk of having scars is very low, and the patient can have a comfortable recovery process.

Frequently Asked Questions

It can be determined according to your desires and needs after the doctor’s examination.
The closed technique does not leave any scar. Even in the open technique, it is possible to hide the incisions inside the nose folds.
Doctors prefer the open technique, and the doctor’s decision is necessary at this stage.
Yes, it is possible to have a rhinoplasty without surgical intervention.
Yes, the advanced techniques of Rhinoplasty reduce the risk of having scars.

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