What is Bio Fiber Hair Transplant? | A Detailed Guide

Let Us Have A Look At Bio Fiber Hair Transplant

Artificial Hair Transplant or Bio Fiber Hair Transplant is a procedure that transplant artificial hair produced from Polyester Polyethylene Terephthalate Resin or PBT, in different sizes and colors to the baldness area. This procedure does not belong to the cosmetic surgery category.

Since Bio Fiber Hair Transplant, which started in the seventies, caused problems by time, certain restrictions were imposed in eighties by the FDA. The reason behind these restrictions is the artificial grafts did not adapt to tissues. These artificial grafts, which causes allergy and infections, were under strict examination until 2007, after this year, these grafts passed the health tests and started to be used, and it became approved by the CE.

Bio Fiber Hair Transplant, which continues to evolve by overcoming safety barriers, is similar to the DHI technique in terms of application. During the procedure, a special pen will be used to open channels and grafts will be placed in these channels.

The artificial hair will be placed on the scalp by 0.3 mm in diameter. There is a knob at the bottom of the artificial hair to keep it stable under tissues.

As a note, we should not get confused between Bio Fiber Hair Transplant and the wig.

Who Is The Suitable Candidate For Bio Fiber Hair Transplant?

People who are suitable for Bio Fiber Hair Transplant are:

    • People who suffer baldness in small or big areas.
    • People who are not suitable for normal Hair Transplant due to different problems in the scalp.
    • People who suffer partial hair loss due to ringworm.
    • People who want to undergo Hair Transplant but they do not have suitable grafts at any part of their bodies.
    • People who do not have severe hair loss but they want to get more dense hair.

What Are The Advantages Of Bio Fiber Hair Transplant?

    • The result appears in a short time after the procedure. You do not have to wait until the transplanted hair grow. It is possible to say this procedure is the fast solution, some people who suffer baldness prefer to use this method.
    • The artificial hair used in Bio Fiber Hair Transplant is very strong, it is not easy to break it or damage it.
    • If you did not like the results, it is possible to remove hair without leaving any scars on the skin.
    • Since the artificial hair is produced in different colors and types, it is suitable for many people.

What Are The Disadvantages Of Bio Fiber Hair Transplant?

  • The results of Bio Fiber Hair Transplant do not last. It is not the best option for people seeking a permanent solution for hair loss. In fact, each year 10-15 % of the transplanted hair fall. For this reason, Bio Fiber Hair Transplant loses its effect in 8-10 years.
  • It is not possible to perform this procedure in front of the head or whiskers, because the skin in these areas is not thick enough to handle this procedure.
  • Since artificial hair fibers are placed under tissues, the body considers them as a strange object and start to defend against them. This prevents artificial hair grafts from adapting with the scalp healthily.
  • Nowadays, even if this procedure is much safer than before, it still causes problems during the procedure and after it. For this reason, experts should perform it.
  • In Bio Fiber Hair Transplant, there are some risks such as allergy and infection. These risks occur due to the strange object under the tissue and it can cause serious problems. To avoid any problems after the procedure, it is very important to do the necessary tests before the procedure.

The materials and method of Bio Fiber Hair Transplant have evolved by time, but we cannot say it is completely safe. For this reason, it is recommended to have natural Hair Transplant instead of Bio Fiber Hair Transplant using FUE and DHI techniques, which provide permanent results. This helps in avoiding many problems such as infection and allergy.

Frequently Asked Questions

The results of Bio Fiber Hair Transplant are partially permanent for 8-10 years because 10-15 % of hair will fall each year.
It is better for people who suffer allergy not to undergo Bio Fiber Hair Transplant. Since artificial hair grafts are used during the procedure, the body may defend itself against these strange objects, which leads them to fall and creates a suitable environment for infections.
Yes. An expert can remove the artificial grafts out of tissues, but not you.
Bio Fiber Hair Transplant is considered safe nowadays. But comparing with classical Hair Transplant, it is still risky.
Artificial grafts are used in Bio Fiber Hair Transplant. In other Hair Transplant applications, natural grafts are used. The results of Bio Fiber Hair Transplant are not permanent, the natural Hair Transplant results are permanent. Also, artificial grafts have some risks such as allergy and infections, in natural Hair Transplant using FUE, DHI, or Robotic DHI these risks are very low.

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