4 Important Facts about Baldness and the Role of Hair Transplantation

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The problem of hair loss or baldness is one of the devastating facts for those who carry the attribute of hair loss from parents. It has been scientifically proven that baldness occurs genetically from any of the parents where both men and women are responsible for giving baldness genes to their children. Baldness is socially unacceptable, whether the victim is male or female and people want to restore their hair regardless of the severity of the condition. Successful hair transplantation is applied to both men and women and depends on the degree of baldness, physical condition and state of health through which the hair transplant technique used is determined.

Nowadays hair transplantation is an important part of plastic surgery and is performed successfully by the expert surgeons at Natural Hair Turkey.

The genetic cause of baldness is one of the main causes of baldness affecting about 50% of men and 30% of women because of the genetic status that makes hair follicles more sensitive to the effect of DHT (a stimulant of testosterone) hormone.

The 4 most important facts about baldness treatment are as follows:

Hair Transplants: Hair transplantation is one of the best solutions for hair loss and baldness that gives you natural hair growth without any kind of side effects. Hair transplantation is performed by transferring the hair roots from the donor area to the bald area. This process is safe and painless and does not leave scars or bruises.

platelet rich Platelet therapy: is used to control hair loss to a certain extent and gives its effect until treatment continues with a certain periodical gap. It is, therefore, a process to control further hair loss through the application of routine treatment for platelet-rich plasma injection. Treatment involves plasma injections in which blood is taken from the patient’s own body and injected into the hair loss area. Good results are obtained if treatment is applied on a regular basis with a certain periodic gap.

Mesotherapy: During cosmetic surgery, mesotherapy is applied to promote fat and cellulite. In the treatment of baldness, mesotherapy is applied to promote hair growth followed by multiple small injections with the composition of vitamins and drugs are injected to promote hair growth.

Medications: Medications are permitted only when the cause of hair loss or baldness is not hereditary, such as Telogen Effluvium, infection, chronic disease, radiation therapy or chemotherapy (Anagen effluvium) or when the patient is below the legal age for hair transplantation.

On the whole, we can say that there are a variety of treatments to control hair loss, but if the cause of baldness is hereditary, the only permanent solution to get rid of the problem is hair transplantation that restores natural hair again with all the natural properties of the hair.

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