When hair growth begins after hair transplantation?

After you finish the hair transplant you must follow all the instructions that will be provided by the doctor and you must be patient to get the best results and to realize the results of the process quickly and reach full recovery. When hair growth begins after hair transplantation

One of the most important tips for your doctor is to gently clean your scalp to avoid the fall of cultivated follicles, especially during the first 10 days after the procedure, and so that the scales do not appear, making the effects of the process completely unnoticeable and healing faster and more efficiently. When hair growth begins after hair transplantation

Now we will list the stages of poetry after planting until we reach full growth.

Within 10 days of the procedure, the implanted hair has acquired a suitable length but then drops and begins to grow after 4 months.

The hair passes three stages after planting

The first stage: the static phase is the first four months

Second stage: the formation stage from the fourth month to the eighth after the operation

Third Stage: The stages of maturity after the eighth month to the year after the operation

Critical stage
The timing of this stage is the first two weeks after the operation and the hair begins to fall and this is very normal, so planted seedlings planted and begin to drop hair to grow again, and take its natural well, and do not worry about falling, this is healthy, It is only temporary hair falling after it to grow new hair. Also in the first five days after the operation swelling occurs in the cultivated area as well as the donor area and redness of the scalp and also consists of a crust that disappears in the second week of the process. When hair growth begins after hair transplantation

The static stage
The hair at this stage may fall and return the patient to its original form before the operation and the follicles in a state of rest After the fall of hair in the previous stage does not grow hair immediately after the fall, take the bulb time to rest and adapt to its presence in the new place, From case to case depending on how the scalp is treated, the blood supply of the bulb, the efficiency of the surgeon and the proper nutrition.

Configuration phase
The hair begins to grow again and takes the density and health required and covers the area of baldness, but do not expect to grow hair dense and strong, because at the beginning of growth is weak and light because it resists the scalp to grow naturally and then improve his condition and be healthier and may accompany the growth of hair some redness, Quickly disappear without the need for external intervention.

You notice that the hair becomes strong and dense and you will see the results that you have always dreamed of seeing, and continue to grow until you notice that the new hair is more powerful and denser than the costume before, feels like an improvement suddenly and the hair diameter becomes bigger and the hair’s hair is better. The results of hair transplantation are clear and results continue to improve until they reach a maximum of one year later.

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