Sunbathing After Hair Transplant Operation: How safe is it?

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The things you need to avoid after the procedure are not less important than things you need to do, because they affect the success rate of the procedure. Many people who underwent Hair Transplant need information about how to deal with the sun after the procedure. Especially people who underwent the procedure at summer, they have many worries, because they are exposed to the sun directly or they have the desire for sunbathing.

Let us have a look on the sun’s effect after Hair Transplant:

The Sun Is Not Friendly After Hair Transplant!

Many people realize how the sun causes changes in the skin. The sun do not affect skin only, it can affect grafts as well. After Hair Transplant, sun can cause undesirable effects on the scalp, hair roots, and new hair growth.

Sun Damages The Scalp.

The treated scalp gets affected from the ultraviolet sunrays. If patients did not provide the necessary protection from sun, the transplanted grafts chance to adapt with the scalp are less. The roots that needs protection after the procedure will get affected negatively because of the harmful sunrays. This is related to the duration of the exposure, and the sunrays density.

Sun Can Cause Excessive Allergy To The Scalp.

After Hair Transplant, dryness symptoms may appear on the scalp due to the procedure. Dryness increases with the exposure to the sun, and this may lead to excessive allergy in the scalp, which causes an uncomfortable recovery period.

Sun Changes The Scalp’s Color.

The sun can cause changes in the scalp’s color, especially if the transplanted area is directly exposed to it. It is important to protect the scalp from sunrays in order to prevent any color change in the transplanted area, which is more sensitive than other areas after the procedure.

Is Sunbathing Safe?

As we mentioned before, sun can be harmful and affect the results of Hair Transplant negatively. Many Hair Transplant experts agrees on how necessary it is to avoid sunrays for at least 2-4 weeks after the procedure.

There are so many moments in daily life when we have to be exposed to sunrays, such as moving from a place to another, or working in open field, but if the purpose of the exposure is sunbathing, this will be an obstacle for healthy hair growth after the procedure. At this stage, sunbathing is not a safe activity until the recovery process completes.
We do not advise you to swim in the sea or the swimming pool before completing the recovery process and without protection. Do not forget that sun causes sweating, which is an obstacle for grafts’ adaption on the scalp.

Protection From Sun Is Very Easy.

Even if there are many disadvantages caused by the sun after Hair Transplant, it is very easy to protect yourself from it.

Avoid the direct exposure for the sun at noon, using protection cream that have no less than 30 elements besides wearing a hat that does not press on the head is enough to protect the scalp from the sun’s damage. Remember this, do not use the protective cream on open wounds.
After considering the necessary precautions, we cannot say there is more suitable season for Hair Transplant than the other. Small details makes Hair Transplant suitable at all times and for everyone.

Frequently Asked Questions

The sun can damage the scalp and make it sensitive or change its color and cause infection due to sweating.
You can get exposed to the sun safely after the procedure in 2-4 weeks.
After Hair Transplant, you have to avoid sunbathing for 4-6 months.
It is possible to spend a summer vacation after Hair Transplant, but you should be aware of exposing the transplanted area to sunrays directly, and use a protective hat.
You can undergo Hair Transplant anytime during the year, if you are planning to undergo Hair Transplant at summer, you have to consider the precautions of sun protection.

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