Stages of hair transplant

The process of hair transplant includes several stages, starting with communicating with us through one of the social networks or our number to the last stage which ensures the success of the operation and leaves the patient to his country, the operation is very simple and does not require much time, and we will explain all of these stages in the following paragraphs:


Stage 1: Communicate with us and present the case to the appropriate medical advisor to make the initial diagnosis and then determine the technique to be used in hair transplantation

Stage 2: Book the flight ticket and then send it to us until we book a room in the hotel you want to make all the arrangements to pick up you

After arriving in Turkey
It only needs four days which we can describe it as the third stage of the process

First day: Reception at the airport and then take the patient to the hotel by our own car and then take him to the hospital to do the preliminary examination after that we returned him to the hotel to be ready for the day of the operation


Second day: The patient is taken from the hotel where he lives to our hospital until he performs the process of hair transplantation, and after the completion of the operation we returned the patient to his hotel to relax.

You will learn about the stages of the hair transplant process, which is divided into 7 stages and takes from 6 – 9 hours, and the process of hair transplant sometimes to 12 hours if the session doubled.

Stage 1 – Local anesthesia
The first stage of hair transplantation is the local anesthesia stage, where the donor area is only anesthetized by the follicles. The patient is fully aware throughout the process can watch TV or read a book or magazine or follow any other activity without any feeling of pain. The patient can also have lunch during the process.

Stage 2 – Taking hair from the donor area
The second stage of hair transplantation is the extraction process. By using the FUE technique allows hair to be extracted by picking hair follicles from the back of the head (hair area), or in some cases from shoulder and chest hair . Advanced devices and equipment are used to pick hair follicles without any surgery.

Stage 3 – Determination of the beginning of hair transplantation
One of the most important stages of the process of hair transplantation is the drawing of the curved line that is planned on the head before starting the transplant. The line must be consistent with the person’s face and the size of the baldness at the line. The line is planned by the professor or the physician concerned in this field, which is a cosmetic surgeon, considering that this line will last the longevity. It is worth mentioning that the patient himself makes the final decision to determine where to draw this line after hearing the advice of the specialist doctor.

Stage 4 – Making holes
Take into account the size and size of the holes in the spring to the thickness and length of the hair follicle extracted (Graft), and these holes are made by advanced technical equipment equipped for this. This procedure is preceded by the process of implantation or transfer of grafts in the area of baldness or area suffering from lightness of hair. The importance of this stage is that the distribution of these points will determine the shape and distribution of hair longevity. And certainly did not feel any pain due to local anesthesia for that area. It is worth mentioning that the equipment used at this stage is special tools which leave no trace after the operation or after the holes have been repaired.

Stage 5 – The stage of laying the bulbs in the open holes
The implantation of the follicles is carried out with great care and accuracy, in which the stitches are inserted in the holes in the previous stage, taking into account the angle of the hair. It is the surgeon’s experience that will gain hair shape, appearance and natural direction, so the hair later appears naturally so there is no doubt that this hair is the result of cultivation.  In practice, this phase is the final stage of the process as a measure …

Stage 6 – Washing the Hair
After hair transplantation, scalp washing is one of the most important aspects of scalp care. It is essential to wash the scalp in a certain way and on a daily basis for the revitalization and vitality of the hair that has been implanted. The first wash is done after at least one day from the date of the operation using a special shampoo and cream. At our center, the first laundry is conducted by a specialist to guide you on how to wash yourself during the first 10 days of the operation.

Stage 7 – Return to normal life
You will need hair follicles implanted to a period of 7 days to confirm, during this period requires care and caution while washing the scalp, which is necessary to remove the clots of blood clotted. Planted hair will continue to grow first for two to three weeks, and then start to fall, sometimes partially and sometimes partially. Hair follicles enter rest during the first few weeks. After the rest period, the cultivated follicles will begin to grow at a rate of 1 cm per month, which is the normal growth rate of the human hair. The hair of the front area will take the final form within 6-8 months. The upper area will need 8-12 months to get the final shape of the hair.

Third Day: A full day where the patient takes his rest and can go out, explore, explore Istanbul, enjoy its beauty and savor its delicious food.

Fourth Day: The patient is taken from the hotel where he resides to the hospital to wash the hair and after making sure the operation is effective, the patient is taken by car to the airport to travel to his country

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