10 Tips to maintain a healthy and natural hair

Beautiful hair adds a kind of personality to your natural image and gives you the ability to appear with your favorite hairstyle.

Here are some hair care tips, which will help you maintain the appearance and healthy hair:

1. Eat a healthy diet and lifestyle. Also, drink plenty of water and make sure you include protein in your diet, such as lentil and meat, are good sources. Vitamin A is a vital nutrient to promote hair growth, so green leafy vegetables, carrots, and fish oil must also be included in your diet.

2. Stay away from hair styling products and treatments. Using harsh chemicals will spoil your hair growth only in the long term. Thus, it is advisable to get the natural beauty of your hair and have to find a way to avoid chemical-based treatments, or at least use them infrequently.

3. To treat dry or damaged hair, and to add shine should be used natural treatments and vehicles that care for hair without any side effects.

4. Keep the scalp clean and oil-free. Hair washing should be very frequent, depending on the degree of oils in your skin, and not being exposed to dirt and dust. But it is also not good to wash your hair daily because you can strip it of natural oils that are essential for healthy hair growth. So, try to find your balance. Usually, periods of healthy hair wash range from 3 days to one week, depending on your needs.

5. Use shampoo and conditioner that suits your hair type of the most important points so you must know the type of hair and accordingly choose the appropriate shampoo and conditioner. You can try to find out if the product fits your hair type by using it for a certain period of time and if you find a noticeable improvement you can continue it.

6. Do not comb the wet hair because you can break it and try to avoid using the hairdryer. It is best to let your hair dry naturally, especially in the summer.

7. Get enough sleep and natural health. Your hair reflects anxiety that you are experiencing a stage of difficulties and anxiety. So be sure to maintain a balanced psyche and adequate amount of sleep.

8. Treat your hair gently and avoid harsh handling when combing, drying or styling your hair because harsh movements can greatly damage your hair.

9. Use cold water or a little warm to wash hair, because hot water can hurt the hair, we do not want it!

10. Finally, if you are really determined to take good care of your hair, you can do warm oil treatments using coconut oil, castor oil or olive oil; this helps to improve the roots of your hair and follicles, preferably keep it on hair for at least 40 minutes, Your hair will notice flexibility and shine in your hair.

Apart from the above points, it is important to know that our physical and psychological conditions affect our appearance. Thus, we need to move away from stress, optimism and positive to be permanently attractive.

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