All mommy makeover facts: Is mommy makeover safe?

Many women dream about having the body shape they had before childbirth. Childbirth changes the woman’s body in many ways, which is understandable by all mothers.

Since it is possible to control the changes occurred due to childbirth by sport or diet, but it is hard to achieve the desired shape completely. Mommy Makeover plays an important role in this case.

Mommy Makeover was an extension for full-body lifting 15 years ago. By the time, this procedure has started to meet the needs of patients. Mommy Makeover was performed by the traditional techniques in the early years, but these techniques have evolved a lot nowadays.

Today, mothers realize this technological jump and know that it is possible to undergo more than cosmetic surgery at once. But it is normal to have some questions about how safe is Mommy Makeover, which includes Breast Augmentation, Liposuction, and Abdominoplasty. We had prepared this article in order to provide you information about the points we are still afraid of about this procedure.

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Let Us Have a Look at Risks of Mommy Makeover

Mommy Makeover is done under general anesthesia. Therefore, this may be one of the risk factors for women whom their body may react with general anesthesia. It is not only related to Mommy Makeover, but with all cosmetic surgeries.

About Mommy Makeover, the following risks may happen, even if they are not common:

  • Bleeding.
  • Hematoma.
  • Slow recovery.
  • Fluid accumulation in breast tissues.
  • Nipple numbness.
  • Implant leaking.
  • Capsule formation.
  • Asymmetry.
  • Shape defect.
  • Fat embolization.

As we mentioned above, we cannot say these risks occur usually. There is no reason that makes the expected result failed.

In addition, the options and pre-cautions the doctor makes before the procedure are very effective in decreasing the mentioned risks. The doctor should consider these standards while selecting patients before the procedure:

  • The patient’s health condition should be good.
  • The patient should not suffer obesity, the BMI (Body Mass Index) should be suitable for the procedure.
  • The patient should be mentally fit for the procedure.
  • The patient should not think of having children again.

Let Us Evaluate the Factors That Make Mommy Makeover Safe

Mommy Makeover is a combined surgery that includes many different procedures in one session. Many people may think it is not comfortable to undergo more than a procedure at once. In fact, there is no problem with this.

Talking about anesthesia, experts agree that performing two procedures at once is safer than performing them at different times. The idea is that applying anesthesia for one time is safer than having it several times. Thanks to combined procedures, it is possible to maintain the body’s balance. In addition, it is possible to achieve a complete result after one recovery period.

Is There Any Reason To Worry If There Are Scars After The Procedure?

During Mommy Makeover, it is possible to have incisions in the body. Many women have concerns about the scars that may occur due to these incisions.

The doctor will open these incisions in the places that are easy to hide. Even if they are not completely hidden, it is possible to reduce these scars with proper care.

In Order To Decrease The Risks To The Minimum, What Should You Do?

Before Mommy Makeover, there are some points you need to consider:

  • Make sure you do all the necessary tests before the procedure.
  • You should communicate with the doctor, inform him about the medications and supplements you are using.
  • Stop using blood transfusions such as Aspirin and nutritional supplements.
  • You should stop smoking two weeks at least before the procedure and after it. (Smoking makes the recovery period longer).
  • Stop drinking alcohol before and after the procedure.

Regardless of these points, the most important thing you can do to avoid risks is to select a qualified doctor. The doctor plays a very important role in all stages. Since the procedure is complicated and requires many factors, there are some important decisions the doctor should take before the procedure. Some of these decisions are the necessary size change, where to open incisions, and the type of implants to use.

You should select the doctor carefully, he is one of the most important points to have a successful operation, do not forget to check patients’ reviews about the procedure and doctor.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes. Regardless of the risks for each procedure, we can say Mommy Makeover is safe because these risks are common risks for all surgeries.
Mommy Makeover contains some risks such as bleeding, hematoma, slow recovery, fluid accumulation in breast tissues, nipple numbness, implant leaking, capsule formation, asymmetry, shape defect, and fat embolization. These risks vary from patient to another and they are rare to happen.
Since Mommy Makeover is generally safe, it is not fair to say it threatens life. And since the results are related to the patient, as with any other surgery, it is necessary to take precautions to achieve the best results.
Yes. Mommy Makeover is suitable for people who have weight. Therefore, it is recommended for those people to lose weight first then undergo the procedure.
Yes. The doctor is a very important factor that determines all the details of the procedure. The qualified and experienced doctor guarantees a comfortable and safe procedure with the best results.


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