The first week after Hair Transplant

The first week after getting hair transplant is the most important and difficult period, and for that Natural Hair Turkey provide to you the most important instructions to get through it.
After hair transplant, everybody starts getting worry about losing the implanted grafts especially before sleeping, getting shower and doing some normal activities. This our guide for you for the first week:
The first night after hair transplant operation we required to take a pain killers if you need it (you don’t have to take it if you are okay) and to sleep on your back so the donor zone be on the pillows,

What is The PRP Session?

PRP Session VS Hair Transplant
Everybody dreams of thick and healthy hair and that’s why when people start noticing that they are losing their hair they

start to panic. Let us first inform you that for a healthy adult it is normal to lose between 80 and 100 hair per day. When

the number is more than 100 hairs per day you must be concern.

Natural Hair Turkey

Before Hair Transplantation Operation

Before Hair Transplantation Operation

– HIV, Hepatitis and Hemogram routine tests must be done before the operation.
– If you are taking aspirin, it is useful to stop 10 days before. İf you have to use it continuously, it is useful to give up after taking the approval of an expert of internal diseases or cardiology.

Natural Hair Turkey Hair Transplant Recovery Time

Hair Transplant Recovery Time

Hair transplant recovery time consists of many stages,  this stages are normal and will pass by all of the hair transplant process Period Hair-taken area Transplanted area 1.Day There might be a little ache – abirritation Wash your hair softly as our doctor recommended. 2 – 3. Day No ache. Abirritation may continue. Most of [...]
Natural Hair Turkey Hair Transplant Surgery Stages

Hair Transplant Surgery Stages

Hair transplant surgery stages divided into seven stages and take from six to nine hours, sometimes goes to twelve hours in the case of session was double. 1-Step – Local anaesthesia applicationFirst step of the operation is numbing the hairy skin of the patient with local anaesthesia. Thanks to this, the patient stays awake during [...]

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