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Under Eye Light Filling

Due to under eye’s problems, which usually occur as a result of genetic factors, people may look older, even at an early age. Periorbital dark circles that becomes big, does not disappear with makeup, drinking more water, or enough sleep. In addition, makeup will increase the problem. When capillaries appear under the eye and you cannot hide them with makeup, the best medical solution is Under Eye Light Filling.

Filling is a procedure can be applied on many parts of the body and the risk of complications is too low. Filling helps to fix problems in the body, especially around eyes it achieves very good results. Under Eye Light Filling eliminates all problems in that area such as periorbital dark circles and skin problems. It also helps in eliminating wrinkles.

The reason behind naming this procedure Light Filling, is because it eliminates periorbital dark circles and other problems under eye by light reflection. And not only the eye’s area, Light Filling makes cheeks and lips more full.


Who Can Undergo Light Filling?

There is no minimum age limit for Light Filling, the skin and bone’s structure should have completed growth. Therefore, doctors determined the age of 18 as a minimum limit. As with other cosmetic operations, the facial properties of the patient and the doctor’s decision are very important factors. Most people undergo Light Filling after 30 when they start to suffer skin problems under eyes.

Some people think that filling is just for women and this is wrong, because wrinkles and periorbital dark circles affect men also. Undergoing Light Filling for men is very normal.

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    Selecting The Hospital And The Doctor-Why Turkey?

    Before undergoing Light Filling, you should select the doctor and the hospital very well, as with other cosmetic operations. While you select a cosmetic hospital, you should check their results. Since experience affects the success rate of the procedure, it is preferable to select the hospitals that contains experienced doctors. In this field, Turkey is a center for cosmetic operations, since it has all other services such as medical tourism programs and appropriate costs.

    Before Light Filling

    Periorbital dark circles under eye occurs due to less production of Hyaluronic Acid in the body because of aging. Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural acid, retains the humidity of the body and it renews cells.

    Light Filling makes the body produce Hyaluronic Acid again. Thanks to the vitamins and amino acids in Hyaluronic Acid, it is possible to get rid of the periorbital dark circles and have a fresher full face.

    Before Light Filling, the doctor will determine the areas to be treated in the face, and thanks to the advanced technology, it is possible to see the results and compare the appearance before and after undergoing the procedure.

    There are some things to consider before the procedure such as:

    • You should remove makeup before the procedure.
    • The area to be treated should be clean, and the doctor will sterilize it.

    During Light Filling

    This procedure takes about 30 minutes and it is painless. It is possible to perform this procedure under local anesthesia depending on the patient’s ability to handle pain. Very fine needles will inject the filling materials. In this stage, the doctor should be careful to inject more materials.

    Since the area around the eyes is very sensitive, the filling materials are developed in order to not make any harm. This area is surrounded with veins and nerves so the doctor should be careful while using the fine needles during filling.

    Instead of using permanent materials such as silicone, Light Filling is used because it fits all facial elements and gives a natural appearance. In addition, the doctor may recommend other instructions beside Light Filling in order to get rid of different problems around the eye, especially Laser, Botox, Face Lifting are highly effective in this field. There are other solutions to eliminate the around eye’s problems such as Mesotherapy, Peel, and PRP, or the use of serums and blood platelets, and a mix of vitamins and protein, or filling without injection.

    After Light Filling

    After finishing Light Filling immediately, it is possible to notice some results, but it takes about 15 days until the face takes its final shape. During this stage, some redness, sensitivity, or minor pain may occur, these symptoms are temporary and normal, and it disappears by time. If skin is not highly sensitive, bruises are something rare.

    There are some points the patients need to consider after the procedure such as:

    • You should get an examination by the doctor after one month of the procedure in order to do the necessary tests.
    • In order to get the best results of Light Filling, you need to protect the treated area as much as possible. Consuming vitamins and healthy food helps you to maintain the results.

    The duration of results varies from patient to another depending on skin’s type, but on average, the results last for one to one and a half year. This duration varies depending on the care you provide for the treated area. Comparing with other areas that can be treated by filling, the results around the eye last more because it does not get affected by facial expressions. It is possible to repeat Light Filling in order to support the results if the doctor said so.

    Light Filling is the most effective solution to get rid of the problems around the eye compared with other solutions such as makeup and medical materials. In addition, Light Filling is painless, has no side effects, and the recovery period after it is fast.

    Most Common Questions

    A non-surgical solution that eliminates the problems that occur under eye such as periorbital dark circles. These problems occur due to aging or genetic factors.
    Light Filling contains Hyaluronic Acid, which is a natural acid the body produces, beside some vitamins and amino acids.
    People who are over 18 years and whom their skin and bone’s structure completed growth can undergo Light Filling. In addition, the health condition of the patient and the doctor’s opinion can determine the patient’s ability to undergo the procedure.
    It is possible to use local anesthesia, it depends on the patient’s ability to handle pain.
    Since Light Filling does not need incisions, and it is done using fine needles, there is no pain. The doctor may recommend local anesthesia if the patient needs that.
    Since men and women suffer problems under eyes, everybody can undergo Light Filling.
    It is possible to notice the results immediately after the procedure, but it takes 15 days until the face take its final shape.
    As with other cosmetic procedures, some redness, swelling, or minor pain may occur, but it is normal.
    The results are not permanent for a lifetime, it lasts for 1-1.5 year on average.
    Yes, if the patient wants to and if the doctor said so.