The difference between Hair Transplant and Hair Replacement

Hair replacement (hair transplantation):

Do you sometimes look in the mirror and wish that the bald patches you are experiencing forever disappear? Are you looking for an effective treatment for your hair loss problem?

If the answer is “yes,” hair replacement surgery may be the solution you’ve been looking for. When the right patient and expert surgeon are done, hair replacement surgery can provide lasting and effective results,

Making it one of the most popular choices among hair loss patients.

Before you go and book an appointment to undergo a hair replacement surgery, it is essential to know if surgery is the right treatment that will meet your needs. Individuals with hereditary hair loss (male pattern baldness)

Who suffer from baldness of the top of the head with hair growth located in the sides and back of the head naturally, the best possible results of hair replacement surgery. In contrast, surgery may not work the same way for them

Who suffers from some other types of hair loss (such as alopecia). The simplest way to check if hair transplant surgery is appropriate for your condition is to consult hair loss specialists, such as Natural Hair Turkey for hair and beauty care. They will

To diagnose your hair loss situation and to advise you on the appropriate treatment for you, whether it is transplant surgery or other treatment available. Remember, there are many other treatments available

Which can be used if you do not fit in hair transplant surgery, or if you do not want to undergo surgery.

If you choose to undergo hair replacement surgery, what can you expect from surgery? Doctors at Turkey’s Natural Hair Hospital perform hair transplant operations at our own hospital in the heart of Istanbul,

Depending on your condition, FUE technique, DHI technique or ROBOTIC DHI technology will be used to extract hair from the donor area, often side and back of the head. The follicles are then implanted

Extracted in hair loss areas with a natural light pattern in the area of the hairline and more intense in the crown area.

After completion of the surgery, a short initial recovery period and postoperative care are easy. But it is important to remember that the final results of hair growth are fully demonstrated after about one to 18 months.

During this period, you will be able to style your hair, cut it and even dye it naturally as with the rest of your hair.

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