How much do hair transplant cost?

How much do hair transplant cost?

When you look at the hair transplantation and its cost, you will notice that there is a difference in prices and that each hospital has different prices in the same technique and also does not determine the cost directly, and this differences and not to determine the cost directly due to several factors:

  • The health status of the patient who performs the operation as if not suffering from any chronic diseases may hinder the process of hair transplant or make it complicated and put obstacles to the success of the process, and the situation varies from person to person so the doctor or medical consultant has to diagnose the condition of the patient and determine whether the presence of a specific disease will hamper the hair transplant process or not.
  • The area of baldness in the head of the patient plays a very important role in determining the cost so that the greater the area of baldness increases the area to be covered and thus increase the number of grafts cultivated, leading to increased cost and some may require several sessions of hair transplant instead of one session and all depends On the number of grafts to be implanted.
  • The complexity of the process and time-consuming requires a great effort of doctors specialists and this, of course, is different from whether the hair transplant doctors are trainees and do not have enough experience so doctors fees is an important factor in determining the cost in addition to the hospital where the operation is done, in Natural Hair Turkey we are using the latest technology in the most modern hospitals equipped with all the equipment and the rooms are professional and fully equipped to carry out the operation by skilled doctors and experienced to get the best results.
  • The technique used in hair transplantation is one of the important factors in costing and DHI technology is one of the latest technology used in hair transplantation, which guarantee results and takes the hair follicles from the donor area in the head of the patient and then transfer these grafts and planting it in the area that suffers from the baldness and of course the process is under the influence of local anaesthesia so the patient will not feel any pain
  • Additional services we provide, including pickup at the airport, private driver, transportation costs, accommodation in the largest hotels, the necessary medical analysis before the operation and medical treatments that should be taken after the hair transplant operation in addition to shampoo and moisturizing cream to maintain the health of grafts and non-falling In addition to the warranty certificate which we provide to patients after the procedure to ensure that you wouldn’t lose your hair after transplanting.

So there is no fixed cost, to determine the cost you should contact the medical consultant to diagnose your case and to inform you of the offers and discounts available so that every period we do discounts and offers which are limited in a limited period or a specific number of patients, do not miss the opportunity and immediately contact your medical consultant by calling us via the WhatsApp by clicking on the green banner below the website.


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  1. John foran

    Hi there. I got a transplant 6 years ago in London didn’t work out very good. I’d love to have a nice head of hair. I’m very interested in travelling and getting the best done.

  2. Hashib Apabhai

    Dear sir
    I am very interested in getting a hair transplant undertaken with your clinic. Would you please send me details of the best treatment, time and cost involved. I can send you pictures of my hair loss to the front and rear of my head, by email attachment, as I have taken photos of the area. would you please send me an email, so I can attach a reply with the photos for your kind attention.

    Thank you.

    Hashib Apabhai

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