The cost of Hair transplantation in Turkey

The cost of Hair transplantation in Turkey

The cost of hair transplantation in Turkey is relatively low when compared to other countries where hair transplantation is of the same quality.

We at Natural Hair Turkey do not rely on the method of calculating the cost according to the number of bulbs planted, this method is considered commercial and non-professional, we are growing the optimal number of bulbs according to the need of the area needed for agriculture and to obtain the natural appearance.

Hair transplant prices are set according to the number of sessions, and in most cases (the upper limit is the fifth grade) the patient needs one transplant session, and in other cases (5A 6-7) needs two sessions or a double session or so called Mega Session. Advanced baldness.


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Hair transplantation costs at Natural Hair Turkey are very good if we want to compare with other centers in Turkey, European countries, USA and Canada, which offer the same level of medical care. Our goal is to provide the best service and high quality that we keep in mind including the prices suitable for successful hair transplantation.

Natural Hair Turkey does not require any advances, advances or advance payments. The center will reserve the operations room and the hotel and coordinate all the dates for the customer even before arriving in Turkey and without paying any amount in advance.

The patient arrives at the airport to find a special car for his reception.


The hair transplant fee shall be paid half an hour before the start of the operation after the examination of the competent physician and the consent of the brothers who wish to carry out the operation on the plan of operation and agriculture.

Prices at the Natural Hair Turkey center include hair transplantation, pre-examination, post-operation, head and decontamination, four-star hotel accommodation including breakfast and transfers within Istanbul, and a complete medical and therapeutic package for use after hair transplantation.

The Natural Hair Turkey Center offers highly competitive offers. There is either a reduction in prices or additional free services such as PRP sessions, Mezzo Therapy or other sessions.  contact with the Medical Guide for details.

In many cases guests want additional services such as extending the period of stay or room to his companions, these services are always added to the customer at cost without any hidden additions.

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