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How is the Chin Liposuction Performed?

Double chin aesthetics is performed to remove the deformations between the face and neckline area. The excess fat tissue in the jowl aesthetics is taken out with Vaser Liposuction. At the same time, if the person needs it, excess skin is also cut to create a younger and aesthetic-looking neck area.

The chin may become fat and sag due to factors such as genetic factors, weight gain, and aging. Sagging and greasy jowl area people can look older than they are. An unhappy and pale expression settles on the face in cases where the jowl and neck region sway together. To get rid of this situation and to look younger, you can have a jowl aesthetics.

How is it understood that the chin and jowl area is suitable for aesthetic measures?

The jowl area covers the part extending from the chin to the lower part of the neck. The jowl, which is a characteristic feature of the young face; is parallel to the chin, and sag should not be seen when viewed from the front. Under normal conditions, sagging in this area negatively changes the entire facial perception. While deformities and aging marks are seen in other parts of the face area are covered with make-up, it is not possible to hide a sagging jowl.

Is the tissue of the chin area sensitive?

The thinnest muscle of the body; it covers this region from one end to the other like a belt. This muscular structure is responsible for supporting some facial expressions. The jowl area is part of the face most affected by weight gain and loss.

Who can prefer chin liposuction?

Double chin aesthetics can be applied from the age of 20. Deformations can be seen in the jowl area from the age of 20. With weight gain, the jowl of the patients begins to emerge more. If a person’s chin is small, their jowl will also be more pronounced and the jowl will appear larger than it is. After such patients are examined, jowl aesthetics supported with chin filling may be recommended.

From the age of 50, a neck lift can be included in jowl aesthetics. In the 50s, the skin wrinkles and starts to look old. With the effect of gravity, the jowl begins to sag down. Therefore, a young neck area is created for people over the age of 50 by combining neck stretching and jowl aesthetics together.

How long does chin liposuction last?

The permanence of the results of chin aesthetics can be related to the habits of the patients in direct proportion to the fact that there is no surgery or surgery. In double chin aesthetics, the fat in the patient’s neck is pulled out. If Vaser has preferred the liposuction method, it is very difficult to get fat from that area again. However, the life of the device operations may not be as permanent as liposuction. With the right treatment, chin liposuction is designed to last at least 10 years.

If the double chin surgery is performed on patients over the age of 50, we strongly recommend including the neck lift procedure in the surgery. After the neck lift surgery, depending on the effect of aging and gravity, patients may see jowl sagging again, but this sagging is not observed as prominently and intensely as before surgery.

How old does the double chin liposuction operation make the person look younger?

The region where rejuvenation can be achieved most in surgical operations on the face is the jowl. After the operation, the person gains a younger appearance between the ages of 5-15.

At what ages, which liposuction operation is performed?

Laser lipolysis and classical liposuction methods are applied in the 30s and 40s, and the chin lift operation is applied to people over the age of 50. Liposuction is performed under local anesthesia against mini deformities. The process is completed in half an hour. Laser lipolysis is performed to tighten the jowl skin. In this method, the fat cells under the jowl are exploded to be absorbed by the body, and then the loose skin is tightened. Chin lift surgery takes 1.5-2 hours.

In this method, which is applied for the jowls that become very loose at advanced ages, the excess skin is collected behind the ear. The chin enlargement process is very easy and gives positive results. In this case, the fat transfer method or jaw prosthesis is applied.

The healing process after chin liposuction:

You can expect some swelling and discomfort following the procedure.

  • It may be recommended to apply antibiotic ointment to the incision area. You should generally avoid the sun and consume large amounts of water, especially during the first few days.
  • The recovery time depends on which surgical approach is used. For chin liposuction, this usually takes a few days to a week. You may not be able to return to work for about two weeks for a neck lift.

Is chin liposuction a difficult operation?

Double chin aesthetic process; It is not an operation that will scare or worry about the patient. There is absolutely no risk of adversely affecting voice quality and speech or loss of facial expressions. Especially according to the level of sagging in the food; If laser tightening will be done, local anesthesia is applied. The patient is discharged on the same day.

Is it more common in women or men?

Jaw deformations are more common in women. Because women’s jowl skin is more sensitive. That area is resistant because of the beard area in men. Increasing age in women and weight in men cause jowl sagging.

When can a person return to his / her daily life after chin liposuction?

The patient can easily return to his / her daily life within three to five days after the laser lipolysis procedure, one week after the liposuction operation, 10 days after the chin lift surgery, and five days after the jaw surgery. While there is no scar in the liposuction and laser method, a slight scar may be left behind the ear or in the hair in jowl stretching.

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