Implant Treatment

Implant Treatment

Implants are for people who lost teeth for various reasons, and it is to be replacing artificial tooth roots in the jawbone titanium. Implants provide function and aesthetics of natural teeth, which is the best alternative. According to the traditional coating and prosthetic implants, the application helps to provide a better speech and chewing function that enables convenient and reliable. Briefly, implants are for missing teeth in order to restore function and aesthetics the suitable material will be placed into the jawbone, which is an artificial tooth root.

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About Implant Treatment

Total Process Duration10 Days
Operation Duration2-3Hours
AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia, Sedation
Certain Result Duration1-2 Months
Success Rate%96
Who can makeAny person who is over 18 and does not have any sickness
Operation RisksLow
Recovery Duration7-10 Days

Implant treatment, with the new possibilities of the technology developed and the implant is increasingly preferred to the effect of a treatment, which has been started to apply in different ways as well. Normally the implant treatment that is emitted into months, now corresponding a faster solution for patients a method called "Implants in a Day" has also been developed. The whole operation will be completed in a few hours with this alternative method, the patients will not be waiting toothless, and will be discharged from the clinic with new dental implant.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate of having an implant treatment?

Implant treatment besides of certain health problems, can be done for tooth loss, lack of multiple teeth and all the teeth (edentulous) can be made.

How long does the implant treatment take?
Where will the application be in progress?
How long is the hospital stay?
In which cases should implant treatment be done?
How are the patients evaluated by our doctors?
Does Implant Therapy cause pain?
After Implant Therapy will there be any bruising / swelling?
When will all the effects of the operation pass?
After Process What Should I Be Considered about?

Before and After Application

If the implant therapy is done correctly and properly in the selected cases, it improves the quality of life of patients and will be a treatment leaving a happy expression on their faces.

The oral health, the bone structure and implant treatment varies depending on the patient's condition, while it can be completed more quickly for some patients, it can be a process taking months for some others.

Implant treatment, with the new possibilities of the technology developed and implant is increasingly preferred to the effect of a treatment has been applied in different ways now. After surgery, the implant to integrate with the bone (osseointegration) is to wait until 1-3 months.

This will be placed on the implant prosthesis after ossify, and be applied with several sessions. In total of 1-4 months after the implant treatment will be the closest result to your natural teeth and long-lasting will be achieved.


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