Hollywood Smile

Hollywood Smile

Not being able to smile freely is now a history! To design your smile to a more beautiful smile is now something you can reach. For a beautiful smile, first you will need to have compatible teeth that are compatible with your face structure and your lips. In addition, the smile design comes into play at this point.

About Hollywood Smile

Need to Stay in IstanbulChanging
Operation DurationA few sessions
AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia
Certain Result DurationAfter the operation
Success Rate%95
Healing time1 to 2 weeks
Side EffectsThere are not any side effects
Number of Days Required to Stay in Hospital0

The impact on the people who renew their smile is very impressive and to feel like they have came to life again. A dentist can offer patients with the most gratifying and appreciated service to correct your smile, the orthodontic correction as curling teeth problems for young adults and children.
People, who are not satisfied with their smile and especially of the appearance of the gum, and complaining of the view of the lips, and jawbones, are applying to the aesthetic dentists. Aesthetic dentists are interested in teeth, gums, face and jaw structure, and the harmony with each other.
In the field of PhDs, the applications that are compatible for each individual’s and to ensure at the beginning is leaf porcelain and zirconium applications, laser aesthetic gum arrangement, surgical procedures for jaw bones and applications which operate for indistinct lips to be more prominent.

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate for a smile designation?

Individual who want to have the perfect face and smile, and for the ones who want to catch the golden ratio in their face.

How long does Teeth Whitening Treatment take?
Where will the operation be in progress?
How long is the hospital stay?
In which situation should I begin for a smile designation?
How are the patients evaluated by our doctors?
Does the smile designation cause pain / soreness?
During the smile designation will there be any bruising / swelling?
When will all of the effects of the surgery pass?
After treatment what should the patient be considered about?

Before and After Application

For smile design, the first line is to start from determining which geometrical shape is compatible with your face. The individual’s line on the face includes the password of the teeth form that should be chosen. It is possible to look younger with the design on your smile. Being much healthier in every aspect and able to attain a gleaming teeth. Without teeth whitening to invisible braces, a lot more innovations are waiting for you with many cosmetic purposes.
In many smile designs, the face shape which is the main feature of the smile design, personality traits, and living in harmony, teeth shape, width and length, the relationship of moving or a soft tissue that still a chance of success becomes fully guaranteed.


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