It is a treatment of deteriorating health of a tooth to restore the health to ensure to be kept in the mouth. The damaged, diseased, or dead pulp will be removed, and remaining the space cleaned, shaped, and filled. With this procedure, the root canal will be sealed. Years ago, the diseased or damaged teeth were being removed. Today, with root canal treatment, the teeth in those situations can be saved, and recovered.

About Endodontics

Need to Stay in IstanbulLess than 5 days
Operation Duration1-2 Hours
AnesthesiaLocal Anesthesia
Certain Result Duration1-2 Days
Success Rate%95
Healing time2-3 Months
Side EffectsThere are not any side effects
Number of Days Required to Stay in Hospital0

Frequently Asked Questions

Who is a candidate for Root Canal Treatment?

Root canal treatment will be applied for anyone who has a deep cavity, and often suffering from pain.

How long does the Root Canal Treatment take?
Where will the application be in progress?
How long is the hospital stay?
In which cases should I consider Root Canal Treatment?
How are the patients evaluated by our doctors?
Does Canal Therapy cause any pain?
Does Canal Therapy cause any bruising / swelling?
When will all the effects of the operation pass?
After Process What Should I Be Considered of?

Before and After Application

Root canal treatment is for the cavity that has moved on to dental pulp, what we call the living tissue and as a response to this treatment is the process for the removal of the living tissue. This treatment is not only done for great dental cavities. This treatment is also formed for the root tips that are infected; chronic or acute infection with abscess teeth.
The Canals, which are recovered by administering treatment of infections, that is susceptible to relapse again. Therefore, a regular check up with the dentist is required for the maximum attention towards the teeth. Upon the sensitivity of teeth after the root canal treatment, must be more careful than ever when eating and brushing.
Treated and restored tooth / teeth can be remained as correct with dental care for life long. The occurrence of the cavity is possible in the treated tooth, to avoid problems that may arise again, oral care and regular dental examination is required.


Successful Operation


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